Wednesday, December 31, 2008

adios 2OO8.

2008 fnally came 2 an end.

these 2, 3 days lot of things hppened.
sammy n frens got their new bnglow =P

they call it home.

then got myself new bukz 2 read.
hehee... =P


ysterday fabo got his rsult.
cngrats 2 him.
8a's =P
"rzki ku" dats wut he said.

kudos 2 them!!!

sper dupa lazy fabo.

n these 2, 3 days.
da whole fmly juz do things togeda.
went 4 tnis, bdmnton, tble tnis togeda.

ok, lets talk bout 2 O O 8.
lot of things hppen diz year.
went 4 plkn.
got my spm rsult.
got my drivin' license.
attend cllge.
got my worst rsult eva.
n of cuz learn a lot bout wut life really r.
my dirction, vsion, goal, trget, bla3...
guess diz iz wut mntioned by uncle jamil, "wlcome 2 da real world"

sum mmories.


socio trial.


yus bfday.



b4 oliday.

da search.

rye aji.


n welcome 2009.
3 more days n jenk3...
here i come inti.
hope i'll b more hrdwrkin'.
2 mke it clear, change my old stdy habit.
fnshed my assgnmnt on time.
get a btter rsult.
cntrol my spendin.
less time at mmak.
less time on ym n intrnt.
xcrcse cnsstnly.
less outin myb.
gain new n useful xperiences.
n hope evrythin will run smoothly.
dats wut i hope.
n i'll try my besh 2 mke it hppen.



Thursday, December 25, 2008

mrry chrstms evrybdy...
how 2 start.
2 days ago,
a friend of my mom left her hamster(a pair) at our house,
cuz she went 2 kl 4 sum biz.
havin a hamster iz really interstin i guess.
so, i decide 2 buy 1 4 me.
want 2 know if i can keep diz thing alive 4 couple of months.
i used 2 have a rbbit(texas) n mine iz da only rbbit dat din stay in da cage.
i juz let him play outside da cage.
not like my sblings' rbbits.
rmmber, my rbbit din die, he went 4 a vacation in da jngle.
dats wut he told me.
so 2day, 25th dec,
afta helpin my aunt at her tmprry house at byan lps.
da three of us(me, faris, n fabo) look 4 da pet shop.
its really hard 2 find 1 especially on chrstms day.
we managed 2 find 1 afta about an hour searchin 4 it.
bought a pair.
mine iz a male(sammy) n da gurl errrr, frgot her nme.

meet sammy.

sammy n frens...

bought da exrcse wheel also.
hehee... =P
thinkin 2 brin him 2 inti.
bt then hurm...
a bit hard 2 smuggle him 2 my room.
n 2 trnsprt him from pnang.
myb da next oliday i'll brin him 2 inti.
wuts most imprtnt.
hope he din die when i wake up 2mrrow =P


Friday, December 19, 2008


juz came back from frringhi.
went there ystrday aftrnoon.
da journey...
mama drive us there.
i'm da co-pilot(not enough flyin hours 2 drive in da city yet =P)
mama din really know how 2 get there,
so i'm da navigator.

ermmm... drive2~~~

pusenk2... =P

fnally, arrived at mr bayview.
nice place... =P
while da others(krinting n aina) bz at da pool wit mama.
i decided 2 take a walk alon' da beach.
grown up already, pool means nuthin =P

da b**ch...


errr... =P

went 2 frrnghi sidewalk bazaar aka nite mrket.
da place...
so cool.
lots of thin dat can b shop.
bt 4 sure i din shop much =P
frrnghi sidewalk bazaar iz well known 4 its cheap dvd.
n there r lot of choices there.
4ringgit 4 1 dvd.


krinting fnally choose 1.

more dvd... =P

nrmal r, "hot" item

fnally, got my new sliper jpun there.

oh encek sliper~~~

afta dat.
around 10.
tired already.
look 4 food.
again, no mcD.
so encek kfc agi =(

da next mornin.
while others went 2 da pool again.
i slept in da room =P
check out around 7.45pm.
fnally, otw back home found mr mcD =P
drive thru cuz we r in da rush(tkot jam kt bridge nnti)

then, here i am.
at home again =P


Saturday, December 13, 2008

juz came back from klate.
blik kg dong...
ari rye aji n also tour around klate =P

7th dec
da journey.
hurmmm, not bad cuz i wuz sleepin all da way i think.
then, went 2 mama's house at kb(not cmpleted yet =P)
prhaps it'll b cpmpleted by oct next year.

umahku, sorgaku~~~

arrived at mok's house.
as usual, evrybdy wuz there xcept 1 fmly(che na's fmly)

8th dec
slamat ari rye aji.
woke up a bit late cuz errmmm3... =P
then went 4 ari rye prayers.
afta dat, its time 4 tutttt...
b'krban(animals were harmed in da making of diz krban)

suda sedia...

tgk yek, tgk...


learnt sumthink new(cci prut lmbu)
i tell u, its hrder than wut u think =P
mntally n physically, cewahh...

jum2, amik gmba...

x ckup owg.

ate lot of diz thing =P

9th dec
went 2 psir puteh.
2 our relatives house =P

10th dec
went 2 che long's house at bunut susu.
then at night had a dnner with most fmly mmbers(9-2fmly couldn't make it=7fmly)
afta dat, jenk3...
psr mlm wkaf che yeh, here we come...

da journey...

panic at da psr mlm.

11th dec
woke up early in da mornin.
sbuh prayers, then back 2 sleep again =P
then, pok jak called me.
said he's comin 2 my house(my kg lorrr)
we then planned 2 go 2 kb to meet sum frens there.
pc frens...
seno(msic tcher 2 b)
takim(account ausmat)
pok jak(cvil engneerin uitm arau)
babun(ib mdic kms)

mcD oh mcD...

12th dec
mama woke me up.
askin me if i wanna go 2 da beach along or not.
act da beach iz only around 3km from my kg.
at da beach(pntai irama)


met c kucenk =P


mr crab buli kucenk. isk3... =P

frgot 2 tell u.
blik kg dpt mnum air klape.
thanks 2 these 2 brave sldiers.

sldier A

sldier B

13th dec
da journey end.
back home.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kl oh kl~~~

juz arrived from from kl.
went there on da 1st of dec.
1st dec~~~
da journey, hurmmm...
kinda borin i think.
da besh part i think juz da nini.

da lme x mkn~~~

arrived in kl around 12 i think n pick up abg faris at unikl.
then we(fmly) head 2 picc ptrjya cuz papa had sumthin 2 do there.
left papa at picc n then head to ptrjya mosque 4 prayers.
toing2 there 4 a while, waitin' 4 papa.


2geda we jump(ignore those 2 gurls)


then, went 2 atuk's house at kajang heights.
haven't seen him 4 almost 5years i think(cucu yg baek)

errr, not clear, hehee...

we then head back 2 kl cuz papa got another meetin' 2mrrow.
stayed at grand seasons kl(near chow kit, yippie...)

kg baru, hohoo~~~

went 2 unikl hostel at kg baru.
da cndition, errr, ok lorrr(bley idup agi r, at least they got lot of choices of wut 2 eat there)
then look 4 fast food
hard 2 find mcD, so kfc pn ok lorr.

2nd dec.
took a walk along chow kit.
chow kit rocks...
sold my n gage there.
want 2 find slipar jpun at chow kit act.
but din have much time 2 do dat.

bye2 mr n gage...

around 3, went 2 sogo cuz mama want 2 shop there.
year end sale.


da agk daa~~~

bored of waitin, i took a walk along jln tar, hehee... =P
find sum bukz there 2, but couldn't find any.

jln tar...

3rd dec.
went back home at noon.
arrived at night...
went 2 health care grup afta dnner.
do a screenin n da prson told me dat my blood crculation wuz not ok(msin osak r tuh)

n 1 more thing.
hppy bfday senbe... =P



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