Monday, December 28, 2009

2more days and im off to inti.
just finished the certification thingy.
thanks to tok ayah sbab teman aku pagi tadi.
plus to my kupu2, ana sbab teman aku ptg plak.
cos of crtain things that cant be avoided. =)
essay going to start soon i hope esp for purdue uni.
harap kemalasan akn berkurangan.
though im still thinkin of takin it or not.
cos mr B is a damn strict grader.
to tke it or to not tke it? to tke it or to not tke it? to tke it or to not tke it?
be going to inti early act cos i tot the enrollment would be on 30th.
bt it turns out that theres an early enrollment for us.
bt its okay cos i can do my uni app when i get there.

kekeringan ilmu these holidays so i din really have a thing to say.
be thinkin of what to share in the next post.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

wth u uni app.

uni app.
u've tortured me much these few days.
i was like mad.
doing this and that.
change this and that.
runnin here and there.
correctin things.
damn i hate this uni app.
uni app.
please be nice to me.
u're hurtin me so much i feel like:
bombin uni website for their ridiculous demand.
bombin printer for not helpin me durin these time.
bombin purdue for settin deadline that is nearin.
are other ppl having the same probs same as mine?
oh, only God knows.
grizzaly bear said that everyone's in the same boat.
bt no, i think im still in a sampan.
far slower than the rest.
i shall ride a jet ski tomorrow.
catching time that is nearin the deadline.
hoping evrything will be fine tomorrow.
and the rest to be fine too.
the end.

Friday, December 25, 2009


im back!
damn rindu bloggin.
flight to kl to madinah was really tirin.
cos im stuck at the seat plus im wearin shoe durin the flight which im not really used to.
arrived in madinah around 9 sumthin i guess bt there it was already dark.
almaklumla, isyak pn 7.15 as i remembered.
the we head to our hotel near masjid Nabawi.
went there with my ma and 97others.
that night ma asked me to accmpny her to masjid.
i went there around 11 kot for isyak mghrb prayers, jama'.
bt siyesly at that time i know nuthin bout raudah.
the next day baru ah aku tau psal raudah.
raudah tu org ckp tempat mustajab doa.
siyes aku suka sbab org ckp bt ibadat kt masjid nabi ni 1000 more than masjid biasa.
the next day tu baru dpt tgk mkm nabi,baqi', raudah dgn btol.
raudah hard to enter bt alhamdulillah.
my stay in madinah is from 14 to 17,
cos on 17th afternoon tu da b'tolak to mekah for umrah.
1st time pkai ihram siyes risau.
1.tkot talipinggang loggar.
2.kne jaga larangan2 .
journey to mekah to madinah pn quite long.
3-4hours la gk.
arrived in mekah terus bt umrah.
tawaf, saei, bergunting, tertib.
smpai bergunting msuk ah aku kdai gunting.
number four, number 4.
tapi yg ampeh nye pak arab tu bt no 1, bt its okay.
17-22 there, sempat la bt 5 kali cos the last day bt tawaf widak je.
tapi smpai masjidil haram for the first time ase cm tak caya.
1.cos still tak caye aku da smpai tanah haram(madinah and mekah)
2.cos dpt tgk kaabah, sentuh kaabah.
first2 tak knal lagi mane bucu rukun yamani, hajarul aswad.
pstu lama2 da okay cos bila tawaf bkn nmpk pn bnde tu.
pegi masjidil haram ni lagi seronok ase cos org ckp bt ibadat kt cni 100000 more.
for prayers, 30min before waktu lagi da kne pegi cos tkot tak dpt tmpt.
yg bestnye gk, dpt mnum air zamzam byk2, FOC plak tu.
nabi ckp air zamzam ni air yg paling bagus kt dunia.
kt mekah dgn madinah ni byk bnde yg aku bt senanye, tak ckup ruang na cite.
kebab? best aku ase tapi tak menyempat na masuk mulut.
so, i enjoyed doritos and barbican.
barbican kt cni gile murah aku ase, sr2-sr2.5 = rm1.84-rm2.3
tingat plak aku kt jason, pain, adhwa.
tapi na bt cmne, bag da full, tak dpt la aku na bwk blek.
pegi tanah haram ni la baru aku tau yg tanah haram ni org bkn Islam tabole msuk.
also went to jeddah, taif.
sume miqat gk aku pegi utk bermiqat cos travel agncy tu na suruh knal sume miqat.
going there, bertambah la gk cket ilmu sejarah Islam which i know nuthin bout that before.
back here, ase cm na pegi lagi plak tmpt tu.
plus terdetik la hati ase na buka travel agency antar org2 pegi bt umrah/haji.
bak kata org, sambil2 dpt rezeki kita beribadat/tlg org.
sekian for this post.

thanks to abg din, abg det, en saidin
yg jadi rmmate sepanjang 10days kt sana.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i've submitted the fnncial statement for all the unis that im applyin,
uni of missouri columbia
iowa state uni
temple uni
purdue uni
uni of nebraska lincoln
anddddd sent the cllge trnscrpt form already.
now its my part to do the translations and all the essays that they requested.
thanks to ms zaleha, ms sri, and ms su ching for helpin me. =)

5days in inti.
hari2 pegi upo.
hari2 palma.
3hari jog.
2hari bondi.

sbjcts for my 5th sem would probably be,
us history1.
mr borges is a tough grader bt i have no other choice i guess.

end of this post.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

third day.

its my third day here.
uni app is so tirin.
not tirin act, its just confusin.
too many uni to cnsider.
and fnally i got my 5th choices.
its temple university.
though its a bit hard for me to get there,
a)my cgpa is not strong enough
b)this one is not a reason act, its just that my pa and uncle told me that temple is famous for the ustaz2 doing their masters there.
bt i've made my dsicion and emailed ms sri already.
nows, its time to hunt for sijil2 that i havent pick from my previous school.
anddddd doing essay for certain uni.

i jog tday, for 30min je.
at least i did sum excercise kn. =)
andddddd, lately i just noticed i cant eat much.
or simple words, im din really feel hungry.
i wanna eat bt sumhow i cant push myself to eat.
or else i'll ended up hard to breathe.
damn dangerous.
i think i'll follow what the Prophet said bout eatin,
"mkn bila lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang"
*if im wrong, pls correct it.*

i like hot milo now.
started to like it. =)

end of this post.

Monday, December 7, 2009

of uni app.

here i am, inti.
arrived here yesterday.
trimas to ang bagi menapak kt blik a4-10 kot. =)
sesungguhnye naek bus ni lama btol.
9pagi smpai 7mlm kot.
mcm2 jenis org aku jmpe.
bus2 pn da tak bnti terminal 1,
da tuka pegi terminal 2.
terpaksa ah aku travel from one terminal to other terminal.
vertikal syg pn berat, aih.
seb baek FOC. =)

okay tday.
i got a room, in block f.
and i did a bitttttt of uni app.
at least i did sumthin. =)
thanks to ida and biah.
anddddd i found out i din have the so called sijil pmr.
siyesly my school nver told me bout that.
uni of missouri columbia,
iowa state uni,
drake uni.
that three i've cnfirmed to fill up i guess.
its just that my lazinesssss that stoppin me from finishing it quickly. =)
still got 3days here.
hope evrythin will be okay.

till then.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


just got my toefl marks.
ckup2 mkn nye marks i guess.
or not what i aim for.

tmrrow's plan to inti till 10th.
gotta do sumthin bout uni app.
cos i know nothing bout it.
hope it will be just fine.

welcome to kltn.
a state where u can find thousands of thai food restaurant.
nyum3... =p~
new home @ umah sewa is just fine,
though its a bit small for a fmly of 8 cos i'll be going to inti and faiz to saser when the school starts.
summore, faris not here.
hopefully umah mama seap cpt.
our house if full of boxes rite now. =)
thanks to maxis FREE broadband for bape months ntah. =)
streamyx is much btter i guess, bole pkai byk computer.
umah good, smpai bt perut jadi boroi, mlas na ecrcse.
and not much things to think of i guess.
and not less than 1month i'll be going back to inti.

till then.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

turning point.

esok check out, movin to kltn.
almost 4years kot kt penang.
bole la tahan.

toefl rsult tak tau lagi.
cos i think i din do well for the test.

uni app da gerak cket.
baru je antar email dkt ms sri for FAS letter.
nnti na pegi b'kg kt inti 4, 5hari. =)

turning point.
merujuk kpd post diatas,
turning point is actually a point where i think i should change:
1)my lifestyle
2)point of view on certain things
3)my future goal
4)my ambition
5)and so on...
dulu time form 4, form 5, aku na sgt jadi acc. sbab:
datuk wahid,
datuk che khalib,
tan sri hassan marican.
all of them came from acc background and conquered big firms.
bt then after spm i was thinkin of opening my own business, having a vision to buy airasia company.
i know it sounds crazy bt thats what i aim to do.
bt, as i grow, i think i my ambitions somehow change a bit.
its not that i lose hope or somewhat, bt i started to think matured i guess. =)
i wanna open a minimarket, and if God wills it i wanna expand it and open my own retails.
i guess thats the best way of doing bsnss with less or perhaps zero corruption. =)
though the profit might be less/slow, its okay i guess, asal halal.
and expand, and expand, and expand the company for me to get enough mney to venture new bsnss.
and most important, creating jobs/opportunities to the needy.
i'm not a big fan of Mahathir, bt i kinda like most of his ideas especially helping our ppl.
our ppl here means malaysian. =)
not just malay, cos there are chinese and indians who are poor.
ntah ah, im not a religious person or a pious one.
tapi tak salah kot kalo pk na bt bsnss smbil2 b'ibadat(tlg org, bagi peluang dkt org, provide facilities).
pape pn, im hoping it will turn out to be real one day.

bye2 penang. =')

Saturday, November 21, 2009


just finished toefl test.
but I think I did badly in the test,
especially speaking and independent writing.
after the test I started thinking of taking that test once again.
160usd kot.

toefl da lps.
now uni app plak.
harap2 smpt siapkn at least half by mid dec.

pindah kltn.
24th ni kot.

then I learned sumthin in life lately.
manusia byk ingat Tuhan hanya bila mereka susah, bila Tuhan tarik nikmat.
bila senang, gembira, memang susah na ingat.

Ya Allah,
engkau kurniakanlah kepadaku ilmu yang bermanfaat,

rezeki yang halal,

dan kesihatan tubuh badan.


sekian for this post.

Monday, November 9, 2009


da dkt 10hari cuti tapi sumbangan kpd masyarakat maseh kurang.
haih, dugaan btol. =.=" =.=" =.="

toefl progress 1/10
tdo 11/10
mkn mnum 12/10
excercise 0.5/10
the monk who sold his ferrari 48/231

satisfactory ah kot.

i havent done a thing bout uni app.
whats in my mind is just drake uni. *bajet aku layak je T.T*
yg lain still uncertain.
regardin toefl, kucenk told me to stress on reading and speaking.
da ah cd tak ingat na install, cmne na prctice?
cemerlank btol. =.="

some have made their choice for uni.
1.hiera na uia
2.jason na uitm
3.aku plak pilih uum *finance okay kot kt ctu*
tapi tapela, aku usaha dlu sem baru ni. =)

regardin current issue.
issues nowadays tak best.
mic probs.
umno probs.
pkr probs.
pas probs.
mca lagi dasyat.
politics... politics... politics...

tadi aku tgk tv3.
in 2007, pejabat suk penang beli minyak up to rm300/litre.
mmg kaw2 ah potong.
notebook 2bijik plak rm80000.
paam2 snirik ah ye ape aku na ckp. =)

till then...

Monday, October 26, 2009


"Perlembagaan semua parti politik diluluskan oleh ROS. Jadi
bagaimana mereka kata ia tidak ada kuasa (untuk campurtangan)?
Saya harap ROS akan memberi taklimat kepada menteri mengenai
peranan mereka,"

smpai org yg 18sx can come up with a statement.
shame on u ah.
be pro and study ah cket bout that matter.
ni tak.
main bang bang boom je.
sedih ah sedikit kalo ade boss cmni.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


guess im so lucky.
out of 6.
im the lucky one who have it.

thalassemia carrier.

how bad could it be kn.
carrier je kot.
gile susah mau cari bini.
frequently asked qs soon.
"u got thalassemia/carrier?"

rakan2..., check la.
kot2 kamu ade.
bole jadi geng. =D

happy birthday!!!
my super "tkg sapu",
mr noor azahan othman.
=) =) =) =) =)

no matter what happen,
we will always support u.
=) =) =) =) =)

*srry pa, ur pic lost already, external nakal*

*nyet will try his best to update blog =D*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sippin coffee.


courage the cowardly dog.

tday i was so satisfied with ktm commuter prformance.
at least tade ah lewat cm dulu.
now its like 2, 3 mins differ from the time scheduled.
=) =) =) =) =)

surrogates bosan.
jgn tgk!
*jahat aku*

*gile dh lame tak update blog.*


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

salam hari raya.

salam hari raya,
maaf zahir dan batin...

tade dlm gmba : ajim

tdo da makin byk.
blaja makin kurang.
cemerlank2... =D

blog will be updated soon. =)


Monday, August 31, 2009


selamat hari jadi,
happy 52years of independence.


"don't ask what the country can do for you,
ask what you can do for the country"

merdeka dari penjajah.
merdeka pemikiran.
merdeka perbuatan.
merdeka does have limit.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Semester four approaching. And result for semester three will be out in two days. I'm really hoping for a better result this semester. HOPING, meaning, I'm not very confident of what I've worked out this semester. "Dah usaha gile2 kan, tawakkal jek", that's what I often heard my friends said. But was wondering, "aku tak usaha betol2 ni, boleh ckp tawakkal gk ke?" Study, then opened facebook. Usaha gile2 la sangat aku. I'm sorry, I'm not a religious type person so I'm not quite clear about the tawakkal concept. Should be just "usaha cincai2" or "usaha dengan betul" then tawakkal or what? Whatever it is, what's done is already done. Harap aku boleh terima result dengan hati yang okay.

Okay, now come to goals. Right now, I just want to fly to US. To do better in my ADTP. I guess I really need to work hard in the fourth semester to cover my terrible cgpa. Usaha kene lebih lagi. Bak kate roommate aku "usaha dah ada tapi tak cukup lagi". And some more, this fourth semester will be a bit packed. Yeah, I know its a short semester but I haven't register for toefl which I'm thinking of taking it on Nov/Dec this year. For my friends who is having toefl this Sept, goodluck. And one more thing, its Aug and Sept. Lot of my friends are off to states these two months. Some to Egypt. Indon mari pn ade. Sekutu will be off to UK. Daeng, John, Miji already left the country to Russia. And what's left here is me. Not to forget kupu2 and the rest who is fighting for their foundations (a-level, sam, ausmat, ib).

Started to feel "cuak". Lot of my friends already asking "ko fly bile?". Plus, makcik2 aku da sebok na kirim corelle da. Lagi la mmpos. Tukang sapu fly to UK when he was 17 but I'm still here in 1Malaysia struggling just to pass the cut-off point. And that was his first time on flight in his life. Aku? Naik pegi Nilai jek, ticket asek PEN-KUL, KUL-PEN. Bile la ticket tu na tuka jadi KUL-LAX. Okey, be rajin next semester and the ticket will be there for me. Think positive. I still got time I guess. Last chance to make things okay, next semester. Let us all work hard for our future friends. Be more rajin. Jgn asek prabes duet pa ma jek. Let their investment be worth it and our future be secured.


lessson learnt:
-be more rajin.
-rajin, bt ibadat must not be left behind.
-don't pause, keep moving.
-to achieve cita2 or goals, usaha must be there.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

more hike?

Bus, taxi fares up 30%.

Bus, taxi fares up 30%.
From thestar,

KUALA LUMPUR: Public transport fares will cost 30% more from next month.

The new flag-off fare for taxis will be RM3, up from RM2, while passengers will be charged 10 sen for every 115m, instead of 150m currently.

For taxis caught in a traffic jam, the fare will be RM3 for the first three minutes and 10 sen for every subsequent 21 seconds, instead of 45 seconds previously. Taxis will also have to issue receipts.

Express bus fares will go up by two sen per kilometre, while for stage buses in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas, the increase will be between 25 and 70 sen, according to the zones.

Schoolbus fares in urban areas will also increase from RM21.10 to RM27.43 for the first kilometre and from RM1.55 to RM2.02 for every subsequent kilometre.

For rural areas, the increase will be from RM15.85 to RM20.61 for every kilometre.

Announcing the increase yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz said public transport companies were, however, also expected to improve their level of service in line with the fare hike.

This news is so funny. Because, what Nazri didn't know is most taxi in KL operates without the use of meter for a very long time already. Then, how are we supposed to guess the taxi fare now? =.=" Okay, I used to take a cab from KLCC to Berjaya Times Square which is a just a short walk actually. And, it cost RM20 if I'm not mistaken. Plus, how sure are they the service are gonna improve. I'm 70% sure Nazri have never been in any public transport before especially our "pride", KTM Berhad. The only transport that he knew probably his Perdana V6 executive plus his own driver. I was about to laugh when i read "service to improve". It was so sarcastic.

I will not talk much about taxi for I hardly use it. I will stress more on the bus and KTM. KTM fare does not increase, but their performance are getting rubbish, worse. I still remember what Datuk Shahrir , former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair said during the hike of petrol price. He urged Malaysian to use public transport especially buses and train. And he also uses one he said to go to his office in Putrajaya. Come on, what public transport are you using? Thats ERL. Of course its super efficient plus its price is also "efficient". Try using KTM Berhad and I'm sure you'll cry of being late attending your weekly meeting. The time at the station is useless. And lately its has been delayed for up to an hour and thats really hurt. And last week, I took a train from Nilai to KL Sentral and I'm so fortunate that I took two train to arrive in KL.

The first train is already on tow and it suddenly had no power at all when we reach Bangi or Kajang I think. The door can't be open and we had to go out by the driver's door. It was so shameful for lot of foreigner are using that service too. And each time I waited at KL Sentral to head back to Nilai, the train will be delayed for at least 30min. Prasarana should really take serious measure to fix this problem.

And when talking about bus service, student and parents are the one that will be affected most. This applies to student to frequently travelled by public transport namely bus from their living place that are far from their campuses. For parents, think of the lower class family that are working as guard, clerk or janitor. For sure this will affect them more. I'm not expecting them to let their kids walk to school. Its either they are going to demand for more pay or to have a strike against the governments for the hike. Hope government will to their best to curb this problem apart from the booming PPSMI problem.

lsson learnt:
-it doesnt really matter where we are from but what matter most is where we are going.
-don't just talk, experience it.
-education is about learning and experiencing.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

sc kl marathon 09.
briefing day.
bkt jalil.

tour around kl.

race day.

we started our journey from inti around 12.40 am cuz we need to be there at pdg merbuk at 2.30
arrived in kl around 1.45 ++ i guess. park the car near menara eon. really a "walking distance" to pdg merbuk + a bit comm breakdown bout the place. which. forced me and jason to do the mini marathon to pdg merbuk. arrived there. got our unexpected tshirt with LARGE VOLUNTEER words and the race cap on it. had my breakfast there (nasi lemak, teh panas)

waitin to be thrown.

the official then divided us into few groups of what to do next. and luckily we only have to show directions to the runners. they "throw" me near menara perkeso i guess. alone. with 2 bttle of drinkin water, 1 bttle of 100plus. luckily it is not as borin' as i thought cu im thinkin of doing other job. 1st group of runners arrived at 5.50 am at the 15th ++ km which is where i wuz dropped. most of them are form kenya. and still no woman runners. about 5mins later, 1st woman runner arrived (runner's nmbr 0003). most of the runners are polite, bagos, good. cuz whenever they passed me, they'll say thank you. bt then some of them are not satisfied with the traffic cuz they some of them have to stop for a while while waiting for the traffic. diz part, i blame encek polis trafik. haha.

tmpt pembuangan.

there's diz 1 husband, he is so nice that he accompany his wife during the race. holding flag which is written "Jenny's 1st marathon". sweet~. my post ended around 8am. far btter than i expected. we then head to dataran merdeka where the party takes place. thousands of ppl gather there. and they are joining the race. some with friends. some with family. i think i should join the race next time. not the marthon eh, juz a short race,5-10km.

king's maserati.

otai2 utk.

jason bajet jln ngan....

near sltan abd samad blding.


najib x dtg, sekian...

pity doremon ie nye post lmbt abes =D. waited 4 the allowance "for a while". volunteer's got rm25 allowance. not bad. cukup la na mkn. overall, thunmbs up for diz marathon la kot. next time join da race duhhh.

from inti:
-ain doremon
-dayah dayot


до свидания

john (jong), ku, miji black pitt, daeng medu

adios to:
-john (aviation)
-daeng (maritime)
-miji (aviation)



credit to:
-ruzaini kazenku.
-kete merahnye.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


trimas papa.

u oso luv wearin slipar jpun pa.

happy father's day.
i knew u r bz.
bt then u still got time 4 ur kids.
i think i learn a lot bout life from u.
gen info, crrnt news, so called hot issue.
u shared sum opinion wit me.
u gave us things dat u din get when u're kids.
u worked hard.
n im impressed wit dat.
showin gud exp 4 us, ur kids.
we'll neva frget wut u've done 4 us.

zillion of trimas.



Sunday, June 14, 2009

sahabat kecil

"sahabat kecil"

baru saja berakhir
hujan di sore ini
menyisakan keajaiban
kilauan indahnya pelangi

tak pernah terlewatkan
dan tetap mengagumiNya
kesempatan seperti ini
tak akan bisa dibeli

bersamamu kuhabiskan waktu
senang bisa mengenal dirimu
rasanya semua begitu sempurna
sayang untuk mengakhirinya

lawan keterbatasan
walau sedikit kemungkinan
takkan menyerah untuk hadapi
hingga sedih tak mau datang lagi...

bersamamu kuhabiskan waktu
senang bisa mengenal dirimu
rasanya semua begitu sempurna
sayang untuk mengakhirinya

janganlah berganti
janganlah berganti
janganlah berganti
tetaplah seperti ini

this song reminds me of childhood days.
-men perang2.
-tngkp ikan.
-toys = tora, ding dang, jojo
-dash yonkuro. *mine is hunting dog*
-buah getah. *haha*
-pnutup botol.
-self made xtreme park.
-bbq in da jngle.
-junk food.
-kids "4d" *buy nmbers. c wut u get*
-lastik burung/tupai.
-konvoi rmai2 pegi taman len.
-perang2 pasir. *seap taruk myk angen agi kt pasir na bgi pedih mte (^_^) *
-men dkt tmpt tanam tmbakau *kg*
-pulisentri *common*
-sate ikan
-men semut itam. *haha.*
-cite katun yg ____man byk = batman, flashman, darkman, jetman, superman, ultraman.
-cybercop, robocop, masked rider, power rngers yg byk gle vrsion.
-blackboard. *skunk da pkai whiteboard*
-bag yg de wheels popular.
-dragonball amt popular *xmo mkn nsik kalo x beli cmic =.=" *
-zmn yg amt tksud ngan superhero2.
-mudah t'tipu dgn iklan2 toys.
-mercun amt common time raye.
-smpt pegi bank yg xde atm *atm x smpai 20taun agi kt msia*
-vdeo game "meluas"
-cmputer mle popular taun 1997/1998
-cybercafe boomin.
-smpt pts *wlaupn time tu xto pn pe tu pts*
-pembaris kunenk itu amt common kalo kne.
-kapur puteh pnah smpai *cegu t'silap trget*
-b'diri ats kusi amt common *skunk byk law protect stud*
-mak bpak dlu kalo ank bt salah kt skola diaowg + agi kt umah *skunk ayt parents =ank sye baek"
-n lots more.

MOST kids who were born b4 1992 r tough i think.
"if doraemon is real, sure i'd be glad."


Wednesday, June 10, 2009



ok, its been ages i din blog.
so, lets mix things up.

1. taxi n bus surcharge has gone up another 30%. duhh. quite a lot. then bus fare from inti 2 ktm will b rm1.30 i guess. 30% quite a lot act. imagine, if the bus fare dat ppl normally tke say rm100 4 return tcket then the new price will b rm130. n wait. if ppl wit fmly? need 2 multiply more. + raya is comin soon. of cuz diz will brden ppl wit fmly a lot say fmly of 5, they have 2 pay xtra rm150. pity them.

2. 4575 studs wrongly informed dat they had obtained places in the university. a really2 stupid case. shame usm. their vc should do the honorable way 2 fix da probs, resign! bt then its malaysia. i guess ppl dat will b blame is da clerk or the ppl dat incharge of the system. pity them. bt then, again. dats malaysiaku. the vc, prof tan sri dzulkifli said "even ivy league universities make mistakes". bullshit! by any mean u must give them places.

3. msian, say hye 2 el nino =) el nino is comin 2 msia!!! means msia will experience el nino. it will b a hot, sunny day (H). n 4 sure the temperature will goes up *ranging from 33 - 34 dgree clcius*. duhhh. dats hot. the weather will b hazy too.

4. makin english a must pass sbjct? ridiculous. i mean. its a gud move. bt then not 4 da time being. pity 4 sum ppl la dpm. u c, i got a fren. he's stdyin at a normal scondary skul bt then deep in da jngle. obtain gud marks 4 other sbjcts xcept english. i mean, he got a crdt. if u r destined 2 mke english as a must pass sbjct pity him i think. cuz he's not xposed 2 an english speakin environment i guess. its normal. wut we hve 2 do now is 2 think of ways 2 empower it. yeah. i know its hard. bt then try ur besh dpm, show us msian dat u can mke a change. hehe.

5. last bt not least gov will try their besh 2 come out wit transportation dscnt card 4 stud. yeay! hopefully diz 1 is true. cuz it will lessen da da brden dat studs will hve 2 pay + surcharge hve juz increase. a gud move by da gov =) i spport u!!!

lsson learnt:
-got no idea of wut 2 blog.
-bus n taxi surcharge increased by 30%
-el nino is comin.
-da truth is im runnin out of idea + test + quizzes + lazy~

Thursday, May 14, 2009


i dunno y m i writin bout diz. bt it seems an intrstin' tpic 2 b dscss. n funny 2 i think. beauty? wut do ppl undrstnd bout beauty act. wut would they ans if ppl were 2 ask them bout diz. say, u r walkin', or waitin oso can, n then 1 prson approach u n ask diz qs kinda qs. wut would b ur ans?

yeah2, i knew most ppl would say beauty iz in the eye of the beholder n bla3. bt iz dat really wut u think beauty iz. and if i were 2 ask guys, 4 sure its gonna b more 2 gurls beauty i think. yeah. dats da fact. im not sayin all guys ok, bt most. most. n 4 gurls they r more abstract n more rmntic la kot (except 4 crtain gurls). they tend 2 think 1st, think, think, n there goes the ans. guys r more direct, more honest la kot. hahaa.

ok, i do learn a bit i think in socio. bt then i din quite undrstnd la wuts mr borges iz sayin. the only think dat i can rmmbr i guess diz kinda exp la kot. ok, say these 2 gurls. 1 iz da hot ipanema gisele bundchen n the other 1 iz an unknown african woman. whic 1 iz more beautiful u think?

vote 4 me!

please b honest guys.

ok. keep the ans 4 urself. wanna know y? cuz da native african say gisele bundchen is not as hot as woman below her. errr. weird rite. hahaa. i've done a survey or rather i called it games cuz its fun 2 do it. yeah. ppl asked me, 4 wut reason u r doin' diz. assgnmnt, essay, homework, philo, bla3. its 4 fun la. nuthin 2 do wit all dat. here r wut sum ppl say bout beauty.

define beauty.

anything sweet that comes from the bottom of our heart

rabee'ah aka biah.
beauty is combination of qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or to the mind

faiz aka pain.

norman perry.
something that gives perception to a certain someone

akbar sam.
beauty is defined by God. it is pure and touches the soul and mind of a person when he or she experiences it. it results peace, calm and anxiety

anything dat is likable and bring d pleasant feeling oneself by creating a positive motivation.something dat can impress.

combination of shape, colour, sound..etc that pleases the senses

physical attrctn dat comes from personal wellness

farid sam.
kecantikan luaran dlaman dan luaran.. dalman brmakna hati yg bersih..dn sbgainya.. tpi yg pling pntg kecantikan dlman brbndg kcntikan luarn..

beauty 2 1 sifat yg cntk.yg ble org tgk org akn suke

beauty itu bile sum1 itu punye hati yg baek. doesn't matter how sum1 looks like.

beauty is me~~~

beauty is subjective

if it luk guds to me. ok je. dun care abt others. sbb x kan kkl pon. if attitude tu yg cntk. lg la bgs.

beauty is not about the appearance depends on the attitude also...klu org 2 baek peribadi die, cantik la die kot

beautiful kot.

mazni sam.
the state of being beautiful from both inner and outer. but the inner beauty is the one which will make the outer appealing

nik zulaikha
beauty is being satisfied and thankful with what and who u really are. and remember, no one is flawless.

gudjob evry1. wuts gonna work? teamwork! ok. there's 1 prson do ask me back wut do i think beauty is. i'd say beauty undefined. i still rmmbr, there's 1 group in my philo class say. it goes sumthin' like diz. beauty is undefined, bt ppl define beauty.

ok. dats all 4 diz week. b ready 2 ans my qs next time.

till here.
tq. trimas.

*d sbabkn blogger ngah tingtong, last 2 paragraph appear bold n big though da tkan small.

lsson learnt:
-philo is kinda intrstin i guess.
-beauty is errr...
-beauty n gud r dffrnt.
-there's no such thing as a free.
-beauty is undefined, bt ppl define beauty.



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