Monday, August 31, 2009


selamat hari jadi,
happy 52years of independence.


"don't ask what the country can do for you,
ask what you can do for the country"

merdeka dari penjajah.
merdeka pemikiran.
merdeka perbuatan.
merdeka does have limit.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Semester four approaching. And result for semester three will be out in two days. I'm really hoping for a better result this semester. HOPING, meaning, I'm not very confident of what I've worked out this semester. "Dah usaha gile2 kan, tawakkal jek", that's what I often heard my friends said. But was wondering, "aku tak usaha betol2 ni, boleh ckp tawakkal gk ke?" Study, then opened facebook. Usaha gile2 la sangat aku. I'm sorry, I'm not a religious type person so I'm not quite clear about the tawakkal concept. Should be just "usaha cincai2" or "usaha dengan betul" then tawakkal or what? Whatever it is, what's done is already done. Harap aku boleh terima result dengan hati yang okay.

Okay, now come to goals. Right now, I just want to fly to US. To do better in my ADTP. I guess I really need to work hard in the fourth semester to cover my terrible cgpa. Usaha kene lebih lagi. Bak kate roommate aku "usaha dah ada tapi tak cukup lagi". And some more, this fourth semester will be a bit packed. Yeah, I know its a short semester but I haven't register for toefl which I'm thinking of taking it on Nov/Dec this year. For my friends who is having toefl this Sept, goodluck. And one more thing, its Aug and Sept. Lot of my friends are off to states these two months. Some to Egypt. Indon mari pn ade. Sekutu will be off to UK. Daeng, John, Miji already left the country to Russia. And what's left here is me. Not to forget kupu2 and the rest who is fighting for their foundations (a-level, sam, ausmat, ib).

Started to feel "cuak". Lot of my friends already asking "ko fly bile?". Plus, makcik2 aku da sebok na kirim corelle da. Lagi la mmpos. Tukang sapu fly to UK when he was 17 but I'm still here in 1Malaysia struggling just to pass the cut-off point. And that was his first time on flight in his life. Aku? Naik pegi Nilai jek, ticket asek PEN-KUL, KUL-PEN. Bile la ticket tu na tuka jadi KUL-LAX. Okey, be rajin next semester and the ticket will be there for me. Think positive. I still got time I guess. Last chance to make things okay, next semester. Let us all work hard for our future friends. Be more rajin. Jgn asek prabes duet pa ma jek. Let their investment be worth it and our future be secured.


lessson learnt:
-be more rajin.
-rajin, bt ibadat must not be left behind.
-don't pause, keep moving.
-to achieve cita2 or goals, usaha must be there.



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