Thursday, March 26, 2009

acc strikes back.
nuthin can stop it*xcept ms kiran*
think i did badly diz time.
cmpared 2 previous test.
4 sure its gettin hrder n hrder.

better b like him???

got all da sbjcts dat i wanted i guess.
4th sem sbjcts
~acc202.*return of da acc*

need 2 stdy hrder.

lsson learnt:
-bakery iz not a gud place 2 stdy.
-dun underestimate acc.
-though most ppl are slammin' da gov, they still plan a gud stimulus package.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

week end.

diz weekend.
fmly time.
da lme x gather sume.

went 2 che long's house.
stop at kg baru 4 prayers.
dat mosque iz so superb.
cuz they got diz.

1st time jmpe bnde ni.

went 2 genting.
juz ride da normal 1.
spinner, pirate ship, cyclone, flyin coaster.
din try corkscrew n space shot.
cuz im a bit acrophobia kot.

trase mde dowh.
kre umo ku sme cm dak sblah tu.

back in inti.
n ystrday.
my fav team, ireland.
won da 6nations grand slam.
beatin wales 15-17 at millennium stadium.
kudos 2 ireland!

go ireland!

diz week.
another test.
acc test!

lsson learnt:
-fmly 1st.
-get enough sleep kot.
-do ttorial 4 btter undrstasndin.
-sumtimes we need 2 undrstand other pples' act.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

tirin' week.

last week.
2 test in a row.
thurs, bio test.
n on friday, ads test.

ads killin.

n diz week.
another test comin, mpw islamic.
n lot of assgnmnts 2 do.
2.mpw islamic.
+ bio rports.
tired, exhausted, sleepy.
~oh 2nd sem~
why did u do diz 2 me?

went 2 klcc.
wit da 2 dayah n jason.
then 2 kl sntral 2 met my bro.
nuthin interestin hppen diz week act.

crdt 2:
1.jason n his car.
2.hanis 4 da pool lsson

n cngrats 2:
1.senbe 4 winnin da spellin bee.
2.yus 4 winnin da chess tournament.
3.salah 4 gettin 3rd in scrabble.

not 2 frget.
cngrats 2:
1.mrsm langkawi
2.mrsm taiping
3.mrsm pc

4 being the top 3 school in spm 2008(mrsm, sbp)

ku ngan yus amt bangga dgn kamu2.

lsson learnt:
1.ktm service="sgt baek", ~Malaysia oh tanah airku~
2.metro parkin mhal mmpos.
3.dun do last min stdy.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

u raise me up,
so i can stand on mountains.
u raise me up,
2 walk on stormy seas.
i am strong,
when i'm on ur shoulder.
u raise me up,
2 more dat i can b.

hppy bfday mama!
hppy 45th bfday.

-a kg girl from bachok.
-a teacher.
-utm graduates.
-wife 2 my papa.
-have 6 kids.
-she raise me up.
-a carin, luvin, mother.
-always give me xtra pcket mney.

-bfday msg 4 diz year-
hppy bfday mama ;p
may u have a btter year ;p
bfday prsnt? ;p
wait yek, need 2 clculate my bdget ;p
so pokai rite now ;p
hahaa ;p
i'll always rmmber ur scrifies 2wards us(ur kids) ;p
thanks 4 bringing us up ;p
wit luv, ur son-syami ;p

lsson learnt:
-appreciate our mother.
-international women's day-march 8
-remember their sacrifies.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


went out again.
bt diz time.
2 banting.
2 b exact we r lookin 4 b**ch.
pntai morib.
sgt2 eppy sal...
denga cite sal pntai 2 through ank2 sidek nye comics.

once again.
teh "o" ice crew ft megat.

da journey.

1st stop.
pntai morib.

da crew.



2nd stop.
bt laut.



3rd stop.
sepang gold coast.

dnner time.

megat jampi2.

back in inti around ...

lsson learnt:
-na mndi mnda? = dun go 2 pntai morib or sepang gold coast.
-food at sepang gold cost, quite ok.
-banting iz more superb than nilai.


Friday, March 6, 2009

same post as jason.
last nite.
2 b exact, last midnite.
we went 2 cyberjaya, putrajaya.

1st stop.

jason, amir, pain(faiz), harith, ku

2nd stop.
seri wawasan bridge.

next stop.
seri gemilang bridge.

teh "o" ice crew.
(jason, pain, ku, amir, harith)

otw back 2 nilai,
stop at putra nilai.
arrived in inti around .....

crdt 2:
1.jason's car.
2.jason - da driver.
3. harith - photographer.
4.pain - teh w/o milk theory.
5.amir - da hyper xtive.

hppy bfday 2 nana.
turnin 6 diz year.

lsson leant:
-ptrjya got new bridge i guess, looks like golden gate bridge.
-travellin' 10thousand miles of world iz btter than readin' 10thousand scrolls.
-ptrjya = hard 2 find food/rstaurant at midnite.



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