Thursday, May 14, 2009


i dunno y m i writin bout diz. bt it seems an intrstin' tpic 2 b dscss. n funny 2 i think. beauty? wut do ppl undrstnd bout beauty act. wut would they ans if ppl were 2 ask them bout diz. say, u r walkin', or waitin oso can, n then 1 prson approach u n ask diz qs kinda qs. wut would b ur ans?

yeah2, i knew most ppl would say beauty iz in the eye of the beholder n bla3. bt iz dat really wut u think beauty iz. and if i were 2 ask guys, 4 sure its gonna b more 2 gurls beauty i think. yeah. dats da fact. im not sayin all guys ok, bt most. most. n 4 gurls they r more abstract n more rmntic la kot (except 4 crtain gurls). they tend 2 think 1st, think, think, n there goes the ans. guys r more direct, more honest la kot. hahaa.

ok, i do learn a bit i think in socio. bt then i din quite undrstnd la wuts mr borges iz sayin. the only think dat i can rmmbr i guess diz kinda exp la kot. ok, say these 2 gurls. 1 iz da hot ipanema gisele bundchen n the other 1 iz an unknown african woman. whic 1 iz more beautiful u think?

vote 4 me!

please b honest guys.

ok. keep the ans 4 urself. wanna know y? cuz da native african say gisele bundchen is not as hot as woman below her. errr. weird rite. hahaa. i've done a survey or rather i called it games cuz its fun 2 do it. yeah. ppl asked me, 4 wut reason u r doin' diz. assgnmnt, essay, homework, philo, bla3. its 4 fun la. nuthin 2 do wit all dat. here r wut sum ppl say bout beauty.

define beauty.

anything sweet that comes from the bottom of our heart

rabee'ah aka biah.
beauty is combination of qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or to the mind

faiz aka pain.

norman perry.
something that gives perception to a certain someone

akbar sam.
beauty is defined by God. it is pure and touches the soul and mind of a person when he or she experiences it. it results peace, calm and anxiety

anything dat is likable and bring d pleasant feeling oneself by creating a positive motivation.something dat can impress.

combination of shape, colour, sound..etc that pleases the senses

physical attrctn dat comes from personal wellness

farid sam.
kecantikan luaran dlaman dan luaran.. dalman brmakna hati yg bersih..dn sbgainya.. tpi yg pling pntg kecantikan dlman brbndg kcntikan luarn..

beauty 2 1 sifat yg cntk.yg ble org tgk org akn suke

beauty itu bile sum1 itu punye hati yg baek. doesn't matter how sum1 looks like.

beauty is me~~~

beauty is subjective

if it luk guds to me. ok je. dun care abt others. sbb x kan kkl pon. if attitude tu yg cntk. lg la bgs.

beauty is not about the appearance depends on the attitude also...klu org 2 baek peribadi die, cantik la die kot

beautiful kot.

mazni sam.
the state of being beautiful from both inner and outer. but the inner beauty is the one which will make the outer appealing

nik zulaikha
beauty is being satisfied and thankful with what and who u really are. and remember, no one is flawless.

gudjob evry1. wuts gonna work? teamwork! ok. there's 1 prson do ask me back wut do i think beauty is. i'd say beauty undefined. i still rmmbr, there's 1 group in my philo class say. it goes sumthin' like diz. beauty is undefined, bt ppl define beauty.

ok. dats all 4 diz week. b ready 2 ans my qs next time.

till here.
tq. trimas.

*d sbabkn blogger ngah tingtong, last 2 paragraph appear bold n big though da tkan small.

lsson learnt:
-philo is kinda intrstin i guess.
-beauty is errr...
-beauty n gud r dffrnt.
-there's no such thing as a free.
-beauty is undefined, bt ppl define beauty.



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