Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just finished doing my reflection paper 2 for ethics class. Its 12.17am and I'm still awake.
Something quite weird for me as I always sleep before 10pm these 3months I guess.

Studies is getting tougher I guess. Finance is kinda tricky now. And I have group meetings here and there. And international trade theories sometimes annoyed me. But hell yeah. Mana ada hidup yang sentiasa senang kan. There's up and down. And there is no sweet victory I guess without pain in the ass assignments and tests.

I'm started to learn things in life. Something important.

Of things that can change my perceptions of how I view thing. Of how am I doing in the past. Of how to improve it, to make it better.

Rasa dah tua.

Ok, merapu. Bye.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Orang cakap hati kita tak tenang, mungkin sebab kita jauh dengan tuhan.
Sebab kita kadang-kadang lalai dengan dunia.
Jadi solution dia kita cuba la dekat dengan tuhan. InsyaAllah, Dia akan ease everything that we do.

Kalau kita rasa susah pula, ingat ada yang lagi susah dari kita.
Mungkin kita rasa tak adil kenapa benda tu jadi dekat kita.
So, kita kena ingat "Allah tidak akan sekali-kali menguji hambaNya diluar kemampuan hambNya.

This post is a bit lame.
I'm just pointing out some of the things that I always heard my friends complaining about.
Will try to get more good stories this Spring break! InsyaAllah.

Selamat bercuti.
Dan selamat memulakan persekolahan rakan-rakan yg berada di Malaysia.


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