Sunday, November 23, 2008

2day's lesson...

lets start.
2day woke up at 6.30, sbuh prayer, cntnue sleepin... =P
then officially woke up(10.59)
then read thestar, petrol prices likely 2 come down by another 15cent!!!
then do a bit search on da sbjcts dat i'll tke next sem.
kinda confusin' of wut m i doin' act.
ok, i'll write bout ppl diz time.
not bout warren buffett(richest man in da world),
cuz his father wuz a stockbroker n he wuz xposed 2 da market since he wuz young(no wonder he bought da Cities Services share at 11)
not bout bill gates,
cuz his family background iz quite superb(father=prominent lawyer, mother=board of directors 4 First Interstate BancSystem n da United Way, grandfather=national bank president)
n of cuz not bout donald trump,
cuz his father wuz already a millionaire of net worth 400m usd.
itz bout sum1 dat cntributes a lot 2 da society,
1 who came from a moderate family,
1 who came from bangladesh n of cuz a bangladesh citizen.
he iz Prof Muhammad Yunus, da founder of Grameen Bank(banking 4 da poor)
he came from da village of Bathua.
his father iz a jeweler n his mother din work, a fulltime housewife.
wut i like bout him iz he likes 2 help da poor.
he iz act da Head of Rural Economics Prog at da University of Chittagong.
he invented banking system 4 da poor, a new kinda loan, dat din burden ppl.
he 1st started his idea by usin' his own pocket mney.
then he finally succeeded in securin' a loan from da gov Janata Bank 2 lend it 2 da poor at Jobra.
then itz started 2 grow bla3 till it fnally became a bank(Grameen Bank)
n now they have grown into a multi-faceted grup of profitable n non-profit ventures.
n not 2 frget, he wuz also awarded da 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, alon' wit Grameen Bank 4 their efforts 2 create economic n social development.
SALUTE 2 Prof Muhammad Yunus 4 his gud work.
(if u wanna read more bout him, do a google seach on grameen bank, sure u'll find 1)

da founder...

da logo...

da bank...

wut i want 2 tress here iz dun juz think bout makin mney n b rich.
think bout other ppl 2.

think of how 2 help da poor, how 2 improve da community.

papa used 2 tell me=kalo tuhan na bgi rzeki, de r tuh. dun wrry.
as long as u do gud thing, insyaallah, god will help u.



  1. arinah said...
    hmm..kudos to him..
    even though bangla tu x la corrupt-free tp at least ade gak insan yg terpk pasal yg miskin..
    kat negara kite ni...sume rebut nk jd femes je lebeyh...rite?
    aliaadalila^^ said...
    bgos2 nyet....:)
    afe said...
    id been waiting for ur nex post,hee.
    seb bek berunsur kebaeykan.

    nyet... said...
    jgn jdi hamba duet~~~

    tenkiu2 senbe...

    ku mmg salu baek~~~
    annemishi said...
    finally i read it... XD..good~
    nyet... said...
    tq cik hanis...

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