Sunday, November 23, 2008

2day's lesson...

lets start.
2day woke up at 6.30, sbuh prayer, cntnue sleepin... =P
then officially woke up(10.59)
then read thestar, petrol prices likely 2 come down by another 15cent!!!
then do a bit search on da sbjcts dat i'll tke next sem.
kinda confusin' of wut m i doin' act.
ok, i'll write bout ppl diz time.
not bout warren buffett(richest man in da world),
cuz his father wuz a stockbroker n he wuz xposed 2 da market since he wuz young(no wonder he bought da Cities Services share at 11)
not bout bill gates,
cuz his family background iz quite superb(father=prominent lawyer, mother=board of directors 4 First Interstate BancSystem n da United Way, grandfather=national bank president)
n of cuz not bout donald trump,
cuz his father wuz already a millionaire of net worth 400m usd.
itz bout sum1 dat cntributes a lot 2 da society,
1 who came from a moderate family,
1 who came from bangladesh n of cuz a bangladesh citizen.
he iz Prof Muhammad Yunus, da founder of Grameen Bank(banking 4 da poor)
he came from da village of Bathua.
his father iz a jeweler n his mother din work, a fulltime housewife.
wut i like bout him iz he likes 2 help da poor.
he iz act da Head of Rural Economics Prog at da University of Chittagong.
he invented banking system 4 da poor, a new kinda loan, dat din burden ppl.
he 1st started his idea by usin' his own pocket mney.
then he finally succeeded in securin' a loan from da gov Janata Bank 2 lend it 2 da poor at Jobra.
then itz started 2 grow bla3 till it fnally became a bank(Grameen Bank)
n now they have grown into a multi-faceted grup of profitable n non-profit ventures.
n not 2 frget, he wuz also awarded da 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, alon' wit Grameen Bank 4 their efforts 2 create economic n social development.
SALUTE 2 Prof Muhammad Yunus 4 his gud work.
(if u wanna read more bout him, do a google seach on grameen bank, sure u'll find 1)

da founder...

da logo...

da bank...

wut i want 2 tress here iz dun juz think bout makin mney n b rich.
think bout other ppl 2.

think of how 2 help da poor, how 2 improve da community.

papa used 2 tell me=kalo tuhan na bgi rzeki, de r tuh. dun wrry.
as long as u do gud thing, insyaallah, god will help u.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

got my rsult 2day.
n da outcome.
feel so down 2day cuz of my stupidity.
n wut dssppoint me more iz i already let down my parents' hope.
n 1 more thing, i checked da rsult wit mama n her reaction=hurmmm, kne stdy lbey r nnti...
wut fear me most iz my papa.
here iz da detik2 b4 i told my papa bout my rsult.
1.dscss wit mama
2.mama="cmne pn kne btau gk, mama nk dduk jauh2, da tau cne nnti"(mama so helpful, tenkiu2)"kte trun sme2 r mama"
5.arrived at da living room"ne papa???, "lorrr, da pgi keje"
7.mama='called papa r psnie, kne btau gk cne pn"
time of calling: around 3.45pm
8.tuttt2, tuttt2, me="hello pa, inti da send da offer letter, xyah p kl", "ermmm, ermmm, rsult da dpt"
9.papa="cmne rsult???", me="trok pa, rndh sgt, very2 low", papa="we'll talk bout dat later"
dinner:around 7.50pm"pa, syami da btau kn sal rsult???", papa="tu la, papa da ckp tgk grading tu", "papa tnye ritu syami ckp xtau"'ooowww, mmg xtau r pa", "next sem kne struggle r mama(mama wuz in front of me)"
12.then we chat bout other things.

luckily, papa act like a cool.
though, i know deep in his heart, he wuz dssppointed.
srry mama, srry papa.
next sem, i'll try my besh.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

halluu 2day...
diz mornin' miracle hppen, bt not really miracle(hehee...)
woke up around 6.30, sbuh prayer then back 2 sleep again.
then alyaa woke me up,"wanna go 2 crrefour???,around 9'
woke up, n get ready.
hopin' dat i'll find sumthink intrstin' there.
then went there, nuthin' so special.
juz accmpny mama n alyaa 2 do sum groceries.
then found sumthin intrstin'.
juz knew dat crrefour act sell live ikan keli.
really xcited, cuz love diz fish so much.
cuz back in bachok, mok n tok ayoh got 1 pond full of keli dat r always waitin' 2 b eaten by their cucu2...
n here~~~

da jail...

da fish...

thought dat i can catch diz fish on my own then sddnly...
came diz brader(adess,ptg stim tol)
he's da 1 who's in charge of dat ikan keli.
asked us 2 pick which 1 do we like n he'll catch 4 us.
dun mind act, jnji dpt ikan.


brader menonjolkn skillnye...

then still at crrefour, kole root called...
'woi, aku nk maghi jale umoh mu nie"
kole root iz comin' 2 my house 4 togeda wit pik leh.
then back at home, kole n pik leh wuz there already, waitin' 4 me...
then had a chat wit them at da playground.
talked bout our old days at mktb n our frens back then, how r they doin' now, bla3...
about an hour later they went back.
life's then goes on normal like wut i use 2 do evryday.
sleepin, browsin', watchin' tv n bla3...
dats all 4 2day.

frgot 2 mntion,
crdt 2 miss nadh 4 sggstin' diz templates =P
cngrats 2 senbe n sengal 4 their sccess in jpj test(hohoo)


Thursday, November 13, 2008

lots 2 tell...

2day went 2 spc(seberang perai city) 4 mvie~madagascar 2~
dunno wut 2 cmmnt bout da mvie bt overall, its gud...
a mixture of humor, rmntic(melman n gloria) n kinda touchy a bit(when zuba met his son, alex aka alakay)


then bought my new slipper(senbe n sengal, already throw my tuttt ticket b4 went back home)
to senbe n sengal(da x bley kutuk da sliper ticket ku agi)

not really clear, but i can tell u it looks like tutttt~~~

then bought sumthin at pizza...
rubber band~~~
only 2 ringgit 4 1 rubber band, cheap2... =P
its bout world hunger relief week(how come i dunno bout diz, adess)
hope they really give it 2 da poor.

da campaign~~~

da rubber band, wee~~~


n diz last pic iz 4 kerinting b4 he went 4 b'khatan(b'khatan yek, not b'khatam =P)
around 9.00pm(2100 hours)

hppy holiday kerinting~~~

2day lots of thing hppen.
like milo 3 in 1.
3 taste in 1 pack.
hope 2mrrow will b a btter day 4 me.


ok day 4 me...

again, as usual~~~
woke up late, n subuh, yes...
made it(b4 7~~~)
nuthin' much dat i did act in da mornink.
ate sum brkfst, then jumped 2 da com.
play sum games(NFS n warcraft), chattin', readin nwspper.
not much act =P
then read SME magzne 2day...
learnt sumthink,GOOD DEBT VS BAD DEBT.
gud debt=debt dat iz obtained while makin' a dsicion bout da future.
bad debt=debt dat iz used 2 obtain sumthink dat iz disposable @ depriciates in value.
our edu of cuz, gud debt.hohoo~~~
then look 4 templates 4 my blog, fnally got diz 1.
wee... =P
thanks 2 cik nadh n cik senbe 4 helpin' me 2 look 4 da templates.
senbe sent me diz thin'>>>

Tidak sabar dan begitu hiperaktif! Kamu mahu segala-galanya dilakukandengan pantas. Namun, kamu memang sederhana orangnya dan begitu sukaapabila ramai yang memberikan perhatian kepada kamu. Kamu bijak berhadapandengan masalah dan tidak mahu terlibat dengan sebarang kontroversi. Setiaplangkah dan keputusan, kamu akan berfikir sebelum melakukannya. Kamumempunyai kata hati yang kuat dan itulah yang menjadi penyelemat kepadakamu. Jangan tidak tahu, mereka yang bernaung di bawah monyet memang begitubijak mencari wang dan begitu pandai mengatur kewangannya. Kamu memang akan berjaya di dalam perniagaan.

hope its true.
well, think of wuts goin' 2 do 2mrrow yea =P


hope i'll b more superb than these 2 malaysian...
uppper side:mr. tony of airasia
down side:mr. tengku zafrul of tunemoney

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

its 2day...

2day nuthin' much dat i did act.
woke up around 7.
subuh prayers(hehee, a bit late~~~)
then started playin' NFS n chattin', hehee...
got nuthin' interestin' 2 do act 2day.
da sleepathon started in da evenink n ended around 7.30 i guess...
then at nite, as usual~~~
ym again...
bt diz time its a bit dffrnt, held a cnfrnce among inti studs(not all, most2, hehee...)
quite fun cuz it wuz joined by quite a numbers>>>
sengal, senbe, dora, adhwa, mang, basyir, sueray, wafi, jason, dayah, alyaa, rabi'ah, kamil(da chipsmore guy), hannah, amalina.


time nie da byk blah, bajet bgn awl r sok...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

lets go!!!

went 2 bkt mrah 2day togeda wit che je's n che ma's family.
bt we din convoy, juz go by our own n met there.
its juz 40min drive from my home as i counted b4 i sleep(9.10) n when i sddnly awake(9.49).


jom mkn!!!

din play much there act(me only) cuz faris wuz not there
got 2 play wit kids, adess...
sddnly i b frens wit them 2day.
n da besh part, got 2 try new slide dat wuz under renovation b4...
so cool, it wuz a bit fast cmpared 2 da slide dat i used 2 try (can still smell da paint 2) try~~~

da most dngerous slide, cuak gle na trun...

ainaa, alyaa, mama...

went back home around 4 i think.
a bit tired bt thanks 4 not being bored 2day syami.
waitin' 4 da next2 day 2 b a more xcitin' day than 2day...


Saturday, November 8, 2008

psr mlm...

went 2 psr mlm tday...
act, juz accompnyin' mama 2 buy sumthin'...
noticed dat da price 4 aym kmpng had increased already=from rm10 2 rm12 per kg of cuz...
bought soo mny things' but da burden, perghhh....
ON ME...
(bet dumbell wuz lighter den those things)
bt neva mind, at least got sumthin' 2 do 2day...

waitin' 4 2mrrow 2 b a bit more intrstin' den 2day...

cndlnces 2 cik sengal 4 da lost of her nephew/niece...

lets bloggin'...


2 bored 2 do anythin'....
got no idea of wut 2 do diz oliday...
so lets bloggin'....


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