Tuesday, January 6, 2009

juz fine... =D

these 2,3 days.

4th jan.
arrived at lcct from pnang around 5.
took a bus ride n arrived in inti around 7(tuttt)
welcome 2 inti unvrsty cllge~~~
then had a dnner wit yus.
sleepin time =P

5th jan.
1st day of enrollment.
queue up 4 almost 3 hours i think.
gave up cuz da line seems pretty "fast".
went 2 ao 2 check in.
n sttle down da cllction of my belongings at ao store room.
1st class would b eco152.
n da lctrer, ms sheila rose, i can say she's ok.
macro seems interestin,
plus da terms dat they use sounds cool =P
went 4 enrollment again bt errrr...
2nd class, bio121.
da lctrer, mr thong.
bio, hurmmm...
quite interestin(1st time learnin bio)
bt then, lot of lab rports, quizzes, assgnmnt, bla3...
overall, da sbjct iz still ok i can say =P

6th jan, today~~~
fnally, done wit da enrollment afta waitin 4 tuttt hours =P
sbjcts dat i took:
da rgstrer wuz juz nice
bt errr, she kept callin me da smilin guy(wut da tuttt)
changed my acc sction 2 1A.
2nd day of macroecons, dun hve mny probs i guess =P
bt then, sumthin tutttt hppened.
went 2 advertisin class(com121) wit yus.
there were only 6 of us i think(me, yus, n 4 other gurls)
we've been waitin 4 da lctrer 4 about 25min n he/she din turned up.
so, we head 4 fola 2 ask bout da class.
ms ding told us dat da class din really exist(i guess dats wut she meant)
there have been sum commnction breakdown wit aup.
so, we need 2 go 2 da aup office again 2 cnfrm on dat.
hope evrythin will b juz fine 2mrrow =D



  1. spermatocyte said...
    haha...awl smpi...
    tp x de red carpet ar..coz die dh gulung...
    asl la amik macro..kalo amik micro leh jumpe ak..lalala...ms. sheila 'rose'ly ek?
    cam layan je..haha..
    n.f.a said...
    pity die..hahahha..
    xoxo_cupid said...
    smiling guy???
    Ra-bee-ah said...
    nasib baik la aku x amik advertising.. kalau x, kena nasib sama. haha. sabo ye en nyet. :P
    alyaa said...
    agak mncbbr gaklaa hari2 permulaan kolej nih..huhu
    nyet... said...
    jmpe ko bt hape.
    bt ssah agi idop ku de r.

    errr... =P

    ahahaa... =P

    >cik lebah
    saba nie... =D
    tpi da knpem da klas tu de plak.

    .farah. said...
    kire oke lg la tuh.
    u're luckier than i did.
    nyet... said...
    lucky r kot =P
    aliaadalila^^ said...
    owh nyet.
    nyet... said...
    owh senbe...
    .::annemishi::. said...
    ahahahah.. mr smiling guy..
    x leh blah~
    nyet... said...
    ntah r.
    ie pnggey ku cmtu.
    xbley blah kn.

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