Tuesday, January 27, 2009

yippie~~~ =P

went 2 bb on friday aftrnoon.
bout 4.30 i think.
bb oh bb~~~
luv dat place.
wuts so special bout bb???


tlnted artist.


bb monorail.

bb by nite.

street dancin'



arrived in inti around 12.15

da next day(24th jan)
lepak at klcc, act its more 2 wastin my time.
went 2 che long's house at ampunk.
lepak at the castle, ampunk.

25th jan.
back to kltn.

26th jan.
went to mama's house.
still not cnsider a house act =P
smayg ajat 4 fabo(he got offer 2 saser)


got nuthin 2 do.
so went 2 da beach 4 a while.

27th jan.
back 2 penang.
hppy holiday 2 all n hppy chinese new year =P


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

n oh, i'm 19 =P

hppy bfday syami =P
turnin 19 now.

1 cndle 4 a gurl. hahaa...

n oh, trimas 2 frens dat wish me.
fmly in inti.
geng2 mrsm pc.
plkn bddies.
n ppls out there dat wish my bfday.

thanks 2 those comin'-yus, senbe, sengal, dora, amir, faiz, jason, nami, ayoot, ara, ang, adhwa

n oh.
thanks 4 da t-shirt.
tribute 2 yus, senbe, sengal, dora.
made me wear diz shirt 2day.
n 4 da cake 2.
n 2 other frens dat gave me present 2 =P

hppy bfday to...

n oh.
my lab bio class 2day.
catch sumthin called algae(as mntioned by mv LUVLY lctrer)
tribute 2 tarmizi, 4 his cmre lorrr.

n da blue shirt:tarmizi.

cool rite =P

accnt test at 4.
da test...
well, overall, i can say.
i'm blurred!

ampes tol, sal ku cm pndan!



n oh.
my ads class ystrday.
kinda xcitin.


thanks, tenkiu, trimas to:
my fmly, tuttt, yus, senbe, sengal, dora, ara, amir, faiz, jason, ayoot, nami, ang, fatah, dayah, tyah, mang, adhwa, padil, hanis, bek, fatin, tiq, farah, anne, rabiah, bell, tini, alyaa, ida, amalina, lisa, nana, yuhanis, kuchai mr kdah, daeng, pok jak, ajim, arinah, hyzan, sheep, sapik keleng, pawah, awin, amar, rahman, tzerboh, nik izzat, samira, ana, keri russia, farahiyah, adilah, zarel, trex senget, umai, peja boyut, mira bwp, muje nobi, TG =P
srry if i frgot 2 mntion ur nme.

n my wish 4 myself when i grow up.

diz bby rowks, bt da cost. errr, 90k +++


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i'm not crazy, i'm juz a little unwell =P
afta 2 days of hibernatin.
fnally, jenk3...
i'm back!!!
bt still couldn't talk much wit evrybdy(sore throat x ilank agi)
went 2 bb on sturday mornin,
around 9.30 if i'm not mistaken.
out wit peja boyut n erie jepa.
peja juz wanna tke a walk.
erie want 2 find himself new sneakers n get his sister a dgital cmre.
me, i got nuthin 2 do act(ikot sje)
back in inti around 2315
1 word, TIRED.

gsx-r****, cool rite.

da next mornin.
started 2 feel i'm havin a fever.
tke sum smple mdcne bt it din really works.
gave up when it comes in a pckge(fver, runny nose, cough)
cesh...(sngguh kijam)
went 2 clinic at nite.
at da clinic~~~
doc:isau nmpk
me:xde la, ok jek(yek2 jek ku)
doc:isau x dpt fly yek(ske2 ie jek)
me:errr, xde r(cne ie bley tau rsult ku yg ampes nie)
doc:u're a pilot kn???
2 b cntinued(lyan jek doc 2)
got mc 4 snday.

~chachos sdap d mkn~

damn2 tired.
hibernate 4 da whole day in my room,
xcept dnner.
missed my bio n macro class.


macro class(bley catch up kot)
din have bio class 2day bt i'm 1 chptr behind evry1 else.
advertisin class.
as i told ya b4.
diz class iz so backwarded.
there's only 9 of us.
n they even use da old bukz.
da 1999 ed(amt kuno)

dats all.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

juz fine... =D

these 2,3 days.

4th jan.
arrived at lcct from pnang around 5.
took a bus ride n arrived in inti around 7(tuttt)
welcome 2 inti unvrsty cllge~~~
then had a dnner wit yus.
sleepin time =P

5th jan.
1st day of enrollment.
queue up 4 almost 3 hours i think.
gave up cuz da line seems pretty "fast".
went 2 ao 2 check in.
n sttle down da cllction of my belongings at ao store room.
1st class would b eco152.
n da lctrer, ms sheila rose, i can say she's ok.
macro seems interestin,
plus da terms dat they use sounds cool =P
went 4 enrollment again bt errrr...
2nd class, bio121.
da lctrer, mr thong.
bio, hurmmm...
quite interestin(1st time learnin bio)
bt then, lot of lab rports, quizzes, assgnmnt, bla3...
overall, da sbjct iz still ok i can say =P

6th jan, today~~~
fnally, done wit da enrollment afta waitin 4 tuttt hours =P
sbjcts dat i took:
da rgstrer wuz juz nice
bt errr, she kept callin me da smilin guy(wut da tuttt)
changed my acc sction 2 1A.
2nd day of macroecons, dun hve mny probs i guess =P
bt then, sumthin tutttt hppened.
went 2 advertisin class(com121) wit yus.
there were only 6 of us i think(me, yus, n 4 other gurls)
we've been waitin 4 da lctrer 4 about 25min n he/she din turned up.
so, we head 4 fola 2 ask bout da class.
ms ding told us dat da class din really exist(i guess dats wut she meant)
there have been sum commnction breakdown wit aup.
so, we need 2 go 2 da aup office again 2 cnfrm on dat.
hope evrythin will b juz fine 2mrrow =D



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