Sunday, October 9, 2011


This weekend I'm a bit free. Just survived 3 exams in a week.

But I don't really survived I think since my results seems like a little pain in the ass.
Guess I have to work hard and smart for the upcoming exams to cover it up.
And hopefully I can fix it.

Bagi aku hidup ini speechless. Byk sgt benda utk diperkatakan. Ada suka, ada duka, ada susah, ada senang.
But whats important is we to go through it wisely, learn something from our journey and not to forget others too, for the good of ourselves and people around us and not to forget the future generations.
Sebab last last kita akan mati dan akan disoal tentang macam mana kita gunakan masa hidup kita di dunia ni.
Think about it. :)


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