Sunday, June 28, 2009

sc kl marathon 09.

sc kl marathon 09.
briefing day.
bkt jalil.

tour around kl.

race day.

we started our journey from inti around 12.40 am cuz we need to be there at pdg merbuk at 2.30
arrived in kl around 1.45 ++ i guess. park the car near menara eon. really a "walking distance" to pdg merbuk + a bit comm breakdown bout the place. which. forced me and jason to do the mini marathon to pdg merbuk. arrived there. got our unexpected tshirt with LARGE VOLUNTEER words and the race cap on it. had my breakfast there (nasi lemak, teh panas)

waitin to be thrown.

the official then divided us into few groups of what to do next. and luckily we only have to show directions to the runners. they "throw" me near menara perkeso i guess. alone. with 2 bttle of drinkin water, 1 bttle of 100plus. luckily it is not as borin' as i thought cu im thinkin of doing other job. 1st group of runners arrived at 5.50 am at the 15th ++ km which is where i wuz dropped. most of them are form kenya. and still no woman runners. about 5mins later, 1st woman runner arrived (runner's nmbr 0003). most of the runners are polite, bagos, good. cuz whenever they passed me, they'll say thank you. bt then some of them are not satisfied with the traffic cuz they some of them have to stop for a while while waiting for the traffic. diz part, i blame encek polis trafik. haha.

tmpt pembuangan.

there's diz 1 husband, he is so nice that he accompany his wife during the race. holding flag which is written "Jenny's 1st marathon". sweet~. my post ended around 8am. far btter than i expected. we then head to dataran merdeka where the party takes place. thousands of ppl gather there. and they are joining the race. some with friends. some with family. i think i should join the race next time. not the marthon eh, juz a short race,5-10km.

king's maserati.

otai2 utk.

jason bajet jln ngan....

near sltan abd samad blding.


najib x dtg, sekian...

pity doremon ie nye post lmbt abes =D. waited 4 the allowance "for a while". volunteer's got rm25 allowance. not bad. cukup la na mkn. overall, thunmbs up for diz marathon la kot. next time join da race duhhh.

from inti:
-ain doremon
-dayah dayot



  1. yuhanis said...
    ur post ended at 8am?! NOT FAIR!ive been wondering,
    why in the world did they hav 2 drop us in the middle of nowhere without any brilliant purposes.road jugdes konon.cheerleaders ade la kot.kt refreshment booth,air xckup,n of cuz the runners were so frustrated.i blame the organizer.(agk bengang)
    papepon,i had fun laa..tgk berbagai2 jenis manusia.mcm2 ragam.ahaha
    Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    ooo ini la marathon yg dgr ramai org sebut2 tu...lari skali ke syami?
    da fit x skang?
    Anonymous said...
    Your 'waiting to be thrown' pix, the surrounding and people in the bus look familiar. Haha..
    nyet... said...
    cm ampes.
    blame da organizer.

    ye kot.
    x lari ah panda.
    da boroi de ah.

    familiar in wut sense?
    CheRaMicHe said...
    thanks for taking care of the runners need during the run! appreciate it!
    spermatocyte v2.0 said...
    it was fun. ok.
    kene campak kat simpang nak masuk bulatan pahang from jalan tun razak...
    extremely heavy traffic...
    jadi police traffic jap...
    padan muke ade 2orng kene saman.
    sbb cube nak cross road block yg ak tgh guard...

    sangat best menjadi polis trafik(occasionally)...
    kuasa veto ketika di jalan raya...

    runners sangat peramah and best.
    nyet... said...

    dpt yg roundabout bole ah.
    cbe jge traffic light.
    cm na buno nyawe.
    mud said...
    woah marathon
    wish i could join

    i hate the fact i hav no fat to burn
    nyet... said...
    u can join.
    siemens run is on 19th july.
    tapi registration da ttup smalam.

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