Sunday, July 19, 2009

more hike?

Bus, taxi fares up 30%.

Bus, taxi fares up 30%.
From thestar,

KUALA LUMPUR: Public transport fares will cost 30% more from next month.

The new flag-off fare for taxis will be RM3, up from RM2, while passengers will be charged 10 sen for every 115m, instead of 150m currently.

For taxis caught in a traffic jam, the fare will be RM3 for the first three minutes and 10 sen for every subsequent 21 seconds, instead of 45 seconds previously. Taxis will also have to issue receipts.

Express bus fares will go up by two sen per kilometre, while for stage buses in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas, the increase will be between 25 and 70 sen, according to the zones.

Schoolbus fares in urban areas will also increase from RM21.10 to RM27.43 for the first kilometre and from RM1.55 to RM2.02 for every subsequent kilometre.

For rural areas, the increase will be from RM15.85 to RM20.61 for every kilometre.

Announcing the increase yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz said public transport companies were, however, also expected to improve their level of service in line with the fare hike.

This news is so funny. Because, what Nazri didn't know is most taxi in KL operates without the use of meter for a very long time already. Then, how are we supposed to guess the taxi fare now? =.=" Okay, I used to take a cab from KLCC to Berjaya Times Square which is a just a short walk actually. And, it cost RM20 if I'm not mistaken. Plus, how sure are they the service are gonna improve. I'm 70% sure Nazri have never been in any public transport before especially our "pride", KTM Berhad. The only transport that he knew probably his Perdana V6 executive plus his own driver. I was about to laugh when i read "service to improve". It was so sarcastic.

I will not talk much about taxi for I hardly use it. I will stress more on the bus and KTM. KTM fare does not increase, but their performance are getting rubbish, worse. I still remember what Datuk Shahrir , former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair said during the hike of petrol price. He urged Malaysian to use public transport especially buses and train. And he also uses one he said to go to his office in Putrajaya. Come on, what public transport are you using? Thats ERL. Of course its super efficient plus its price is also "efficient". Try using KTM Berhad and I'm sure you'll cry of being late attending your weekly meeting. The time at the station is useless. And lately its has been delayed for up to an hour and thats really hurt. And last week, I took a train from Nilai to KL Sentral and I'm so fortunate that I took two train to arrive in KL.

The first train is already on tow and it suddenly had no power at all when we reach Bangi or Kajang I think. The door can't be open and we had to go out by the driver's door. It was so shameful for lot of foreigner are using that service too. And each time I waited at KL Sentral to head back to Nilai, the train will be delayed for at least 30min. Prasarana should really take serious measure to fix this problem.

And when talking about bus service, student and parents are the one that will be affected most. This applies to student to frequently travelled by public transport namely bus from their living place that are far from their campuses. For parents, think of the lower class family that are working as guard, clerk or janitor. For sure this will affect them more. I'm not expecting them to let their kids walk to school. Its either they are going to demand for more pay or to have a strike against the governments for the hike. Hope government will to their best to curb this problem apart from the booming PPSMI problem.

lsson learnt:
-it doesnt really matter where we are from but what matter most is where we are going.
-don't just talk, experience it.
-education is about learning and experiencing.



  1. amy emyla said...
    now , i think ..
    bicycle is better than public transport...=)
    Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    dieorng ni tau,mcm mne susah pun,msti ade org akn naik public trns gak...tht's why they dun give a damn bout tis prob,dh lama sgt..fed up da

    penah skali,mse bln puasa kene tunggu tren smpi 1j lebih,dri sikit org yg tunggu,trus ramai gile,dlm tren mcm sardin pastu tren berhenti2 lg kt labu pulak...ish geram
    mud said...
    some people think that we are born as Supermen

    but we are Pak Man, Chong Man, Muthu Man instead.
    nyet... said...
    sort of.
    for short distance okei la.

    tau tape.
    cm declining ktm nye service.

    i was born as a human.
    not yet a superhero.
    maybe someday.
    Ra-bee-ah said...
    funny.. bler aku naik ktm x de prob sgt pun.. bler ko naik, slalu de prob je.. :-?

    sungguh x berbaloi la 30% increase. even rm1 nk pegi ktm nilai tu pun x berbaloi. dh la bas tu nk mampat2kan sume org dalam satu bas.
    taxi x yah ckp la. mmg x berbaloi kot. harga diorg invent ske hati je. dulu 5 ringgit, skrg dh jd 10 kot. lepas 30% ni, 13 ringgit kot dr ktm ke rumah. ntah2 15 ringgit. haish.
    nyet... said...
    ko xyah ar salu sgt blek umah.
    bt abes duet jek.
    nanaloly said...
    btol3. ak sgt sokong. ak sokong biah jgn balek. letak la jwtn pbsh itu.
    Ra-bee-ah said...
    eh, x pe. aku x naik teksi. ayah aku amek kat ktm. :D

    btw, ritu aku naik bas dr inti ke ktm. singgit je. mne de 1.30..
    nanaloly said...
    la sian ayah ko biah. ish3.
    pe kate jgn balek nak. kite duk inti same2 :p

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