Thursday, May 27, 2010

bloody thursday

New problem arose. Now with i-20.
The previous one with mantoux test negative/positive.
Menguji kesabaran betul hari-hari cuti. I'll be going to inti often after this, I guess.

Iklan maxis. Its true what Dato' Soh Chin Aun said.
"There's no point for telling everybody that we have to play our best for the country,
what is more important is... show it..."
Unity in the 70's and 80's is quite good esp in sports.
Santokh Singh, Soh Chin Aun, Mokhtar Dahari, R. Arumugam.
They played as a great team back then. A multiracial.

Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad is quite good. I kinda like it.
Issues that were brought up in the movie are real I guess.
Which triggered me to read once again a book by Syed Husin Ali,
"Ethnic Relations in Malaysia: Harmony & Conflict"

Selamat bercuti. Selamat belajar. Selamat segala.
Semoga hal aku settle dgn bagus. Amin... Amin... Amin...
Akhir kata, mencarut membahayakan kesihatan dan hati. :)


  1. effa_dila said...
    say NO to cursing..zikir itu lebih baik..:)

    semoge settle la masalah anda k?insyaALLAH
    SuE RaY said...
    mencarut membahayakan kesihatan..

    katekan xnak kepade merokok..
    lol, ape kaitan??

    anyway, all the best,
    hope ur prob goes away..
    Ra-bee-ah said...
    ayat last aku bg 5 bintang. :)
    gReeN iS pEAce said...
    haha..sabar je lah..all d best!
    Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    ouch.sometimes i curse...:{

    all the best nyet!
    .::annemishi::. said...
    bagus. aku suka ayat last skali tuh.
    mintak2 berkekalan. :)
    syahmi said...
    Tak settle lagi la.
    Tension betul.

    Rokok tade kaitan.
    Yeah hopefully cpt settle.

    Cis. Kasi 5star ayat last je.

    Yeah. Sedang sedang.

    Ai ai panda.

    Haih. Suka betul highlight ayat last. =.="

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