Thursday, July 1, 2010

of chuckles

Just came back from kl.

This is Chuckles the Clown.
A small character in Toy Story 3.
And I like him the most. :)
Chuckles is one exp of dlm hati ade taman la.

Watched Knight and Day yesterday.
Not great.
But quite an okay movie.
at least btter than oliver twist :))

oh, mph lagi bagus compared to kinokuniya.

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  1. Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    ala x tgk toy story 3 a-team dh tgk! besh! :)
    Ra-bee-ah said...
    mr pricklespants lagi comel! x kire! pricklepants jugak.

    oh knight and day tu cam cite komedi la. kitorg tergelak2 tengok sepanjang movie. tp org lain x gelak sgt pun. x kan diorg x paham komedi kan? hm.
    syahmi said...
    Oh..... Tgk tgk.
    Toy Story 3 best. :)

    Chuckles la.
    Aah, mmg comedy romantic kn genre dia. Kalau tak silap aku la.

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