Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have no idea of what to write for this post.
Maybe I'll have the idea by tomorrow or the next next day.
Just wanna share with all of you new york, 12/5/2010.
I'll come back later to write something meaningful.

Akhir kata,
People grow after they tasted the bitter side of life.


  1. Rabi'ah said...
    yg akhir kata tu nice.
    NadhirahZamrose said...
    john mayer <3
    JaJa said...
    f yo.
    dah esk lusa tulat dah.
    mane cite nye.

    damn 'janji melayu'
    who invented this term?
    syahmi said...
    Mesti la. :))

    Yeah, John Mayer ftw :D

    maybe bhai maybe.

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