Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Trafford
us three.

InsyaAllah I'll be on a flight home next morning.
After my last post I went to Sheffield to meet my brother and my cousin there.
I also went to York to visit my friend at York University for two days.
Went to Manchester for Old Trafford tours and museum and also to 'kenal-kenal' Manchester that is so called metropolitan city.
Overall, London is quite okay but not as happening as in United States.
What I like most about UK is their halal food. Banyak gila. Doesn't matter kedai arab, pakistan or whatsoever as long as it is halal.
In London there are a lot of Malaysian restaurants as I have mentioned in my earlier post. And today I went to Tok Din located at Paddington area in London. The food is quite good and the price is affordable.
What do I think about UK? Well I would say I enjoy US much when it comes to everyday life. UK is too quiet for me. UK scenery is superb considering you love peace and need to take a break from hectic city like New York or even Kuala Lumpur. Serious, I do think Kuala Lumpur is far more hectic than London.
Public transport? As usual, its quite pricey I guess. But doesn't matter. Even in Philly and New York it does cost the same I guess.
So yeah, UK is boleh la..... :)


  1. : nako : said...
    Damnit balik malaysia! =.="
    and sorry I didn't get to see you around cause I'm in effing exam pre phase (padahal tak study pun duhh) but guess I'll see you in malaysia? Or in KB to be precise? :)

    Hope you had fun touring UK and yeah I agree in part where you said London's abit dull & boring haha!
    Take care tok, safe journey home :')
    hapi said...
    syahmi said...
    Haha. I was about to go to your place tapi macam rushing. So yeah, my trip to UK was a bit unorganized I guess. :)

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