Saturday, June 4, 2011


Its almost a week I'm at home.

My flight from London Heathrow was on 29th and it took 12hours to reach KLIA.
The journey is not that boring as I imagined.
Most of the in-flight movie is cool but I have watched like half of it.
The food is also good. I ate Chicken Biryani for dinner and Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang for breakfast.
Thanks to Malaysia Airlines for their hospitality. Though you didn't make much profit or should I say you made a lot of lost but your service is A class.
I can't stop going to the food area to pick up food for the movie.
Oh yeah, before the flight at Heathrow I met a couples of grandpa and grandma about my grandparents age.
So I asked them are they on the same flight going to KL and they said yes and going to Penang.
Ada la modal sikit aku nak cakap since aku pun pernah tinggal dekat Penang for 5years before I move back to Kelantan.
They said, they first went to Malaysia a year after Tsunami in Penang and they fall in love with Penang I would say. Since then, they have made a decision to go to Malaysia twice a year.
I was like, wow. Mat Saleh pun suka our country, why not us. They said they were excited to go to "Batu Ferringhi".

So yeah, this is my 6th day and I did nothing except eating, sleeping, and movies.
Will be doing something useful soon. And will be sharing with you guys what do I get in my journey back home. Its too many to be told in one post. Tak menarik la nanti cerita semua kan.
Till then. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh.


  1. Mohamad Nazrul Fazli bin Abdul Mutalib said...
    bape banyak pound habis kat UK?orang kaye kan..:)
    Nadh said...
    Npe x byk profit ek?
    syahmi said...
    Tak banyak sgt. Aku tak shopping brg. Mkn sude.

    Bkn tak banyak profit. Negative terus Q1 tahun ni. -242m.

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