Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to the Future

The past are still the past.

People said, past will never be changed but the future might be. Back to the Future, Terminator, Meet the Robinsons. Those are only dreams that are not yet achieved or perhaps cannot be true. Generally speaking, I don't hate past, I just regret certain stupid things that I've done back then. Up till now I'm still shadowed by the mistakes that I've done. Shit happens, but some shits are just terrible. Damn terrible.

The least that I can do is becoming a better person. Ask forgiveness. People learn from mistakes. I do the same too. Now, I think I've becoming an insecure person. Some might think its not a good move. But for the time being I think that's the best I can do to avoid it from happening again. If time machine does exist, I bet I'm not the only one who would want to go back and fix the situations. There are tons of people that does feel the same.

Serious shit kept thinking about it now. Not joking. Whoever I've done wrong or mistakes, I beg your forgiveness. Truly.

"The past cannot be changed, but the future has possibilities."


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