Saturday, September 24, 2011

Part 2.

So this entry is the part 2 for my last post. Actually I've been thinking on how people handle their past, the bad one per say. Many successful stories that we seen in the present does not necessarily starts good. Some of them are bad, some are real good since starts and if that's the case its good for them.

I remember reading a story from Mastika 2,3 years back about a successful Malay entrepreneur in Malaysia printing tickets for lottery or sports toto in his early year of his business. I repeat, a Malay and definitely a Muslim if its the case in Malaysia. So yeah, its bad right? Contributing for haram sources of income. I don't want to comment on this because this is not the real reason I'm writing this. What I know now he mentioned that he no longer print ticket for any gambling company no more. Would you forgive him of his past? If you were to ask me, my answer is I don't know. Its not me who do the judgement, its the God Almighty.

And what about the case of a politician. Or I can say politicians. Lot of history that people managed to dig deeper into their past. Its kinda hard I guess being a politician. Look at Anwar, Najib, Hishammuddin, Mat Sabu, and many other politicians. Though some of them have really changed now, but people still tend to look at the past. Its human nature. Even when making prediction, human tend to look at the past. I'm not saying its wrong to dig the past and blame them. Yes, we can do some background check but then there are limits to where you can use against them. If they were admitting their past and done well in present day, why would you wanna dig their past and tell the whole world they are sluts or whatsoever.

Okay, my point is. Its not wrong to look of our mistakes. Admit our wrongdoing, change for better, ignore what others say. Who are they to judge us. As long as u change for the good.

Okay, move on. Change for better. Sorry for writing this crap, I don't know how to arrange words. This topic is kinda confusing actually. Subjective.



  1. N D Z said...
    hai nyet. i'm in a dilemma also. i've done such terrible terrible thing...:'|
    i'm trying very hard to move, slowly.
    syahmi said...
    NDZ: Good.

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