Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kembali ke universiti

My Spring semester had just started today.
Mine will begin tomorrow. This semester I'll be taking taking 5subjects insyaAllah.
1. International Trade
2. International Marketing
3. Financial Management
4. Business Society and Ethics
5. Professional Development Strategies

Cuak? Yes, cuak. This semester seems to be harder than previous semesters that I've gone through.
And my timetable is quite heavy on Wednesday. Hopefully, exams will not be done on the same day, if not I'll be doomed. Including this semester, a year and a half to go before graduation insyaAllah.

To those who had just finished with their exams, well done and good luck for the results. Those who is sitting for exams in these few weeks, good luck, especially to my dear brother and kup and friends in UK. I wish all of you the best.

Untuk kawan-kawan di Unites States, semoga kita mendapat ilmu yang bermanfaat dan berguna untuk semester ini. Semoga dipermudahkan pembelajaran kita oleh-Nya.

Ayuh kembali ke sekolah!

Btw, dah besar dh Sherina ni. >Klik sini<
Zaman aku sekolah rendah dulu dia pernah nyanyi dengan Westlife(I have a dream). >Klik sini<

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  1. N D Z said...
    all the best *thumbs up*

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