Friday, January 1, 2010


happy new year to all.
hope this year will be a far btter year for all of u.

2009 was a great year.
lot of things happen,
which i guess i did learn a lot from it.
a bit of recap of what happened in 2009:
1.been through 3semester here in inti.
3.byk bnde jadi.
4.byk bnde jadi.
5.byk bnde jadi.
6.byk bnde jadi.
7.uni app *this one not great*
9.movin from penang to kltn.
10.made my way for umrah.

i dun have wishes for this year.
act i dun even have wishes for the past 19years.
sbab aku tak caye aku bt ape yg aku azam tu,
ntah pape je.
turnin 20 this year.
tak sedar da na dkt 20taun aku hidup.
cpt btol masa ni b'jln.
im just hopin i'll change for btter from day to day.
and this year(time) i think i wanna add one more.
i wanna fly to us.
really wanted to!

btw, aku amat t'tarek dkt status kwn aku kt ym, farid.
"1 muharam vs 1 januari"

bt aku t'pk..........


  1. si aliaa said...
    you only hv another 20 days till you're 20!
    .::annemishi::. said...
    dats why jgan sambut taun baru masihi.
    at least tahun baru hijrah we have bacaan doa.

    XIII said...
    happy new year nyet!
    both new year..

    may it be legendary!
    nyet... said...
    ye kot.

    bole je na sambut.
    tapi sambut la both tahun baru.
    baru lengkap.


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