Monday, December 28, 2009

sejarah amerika satu

2more days and im off to inti.
just finished the certification thingy.
thanks to tok ayah sbab teman aku pagi tadi.
plus to my kupu2, ana sbab teman aku ptg plak.
cos of crtain things that cant be avoided. =)
essay going to start soon i hope esp for purdue uni.
harap kemalasan akn berkurangan.
though im still thinkin of takin it or not.
cos mr B is a damn strict grader.
to tke it or to not tke it? to tke it or to not tke it? to tke it or to not tke it?
be going to inti early act cos i tot the enrollment would be on 30th.
bt it turns out that theres an early enrollment for us.
bt its okay cos i can do my uni app when i get there.

kekeringan ilmu these holidays so i din really have a thing to say.
be thinkin of what to share in the next post.


  1. Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    gud luck with all...n hope 2 see u soon b4 it's time :)
    nyet... said...
    best of luck to u too.

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