Monday, February 28, 2011


The not so good week. 3test for this week.
Business law, business calc, management info system.
Hell I don't remember a thing on law terms.
They are just plain weird. Why can't they just say intention instead of mens rea.
These 3 will be my first test for this semester. Hoping for the best though the effort is not really great.

Next post will be during spring break. InsyaAllah.
Need to brainstorm of what to write.


  1. NadhirahZamrose said...
    all the best nyet!

    i'll be having tests everyday this not so hard like yours but still...haha
    .::annemishi::. said...
    All the best weh. :D
    LORD ZARA 札拉 said...
    Good luck!

    syahmi said...
    Thanks panda.
    It ends as a disaster. Haha.

    Thank you anne. :D

    >Lord zara
    Thank you. :)
    Thien said...
    Good luck^.^

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