Sunday, April 10, 2011


A quick update.

I don't know why but my passion of writing had suddenly gone.
The reason I created this blog back then is to share with you guys things that I consider interesting and hoping you yourself will have a thought of trying it.
And some of my writing is my thoughts on certain topics/issues.
But lately I'm kinda busy with homeworks, assignments, tests, which I don't really have time to think of great topics to be shared or discussed about.
And if it does have, its not a fruitful topic as I was hoping to share.
I'm running out of ideas of what to post for the time being.
Hope assignments, quizzes, and tests will not worsen my clogged mind.

"Being in a group and criticizing on certain issues does mean you are contributing for the group I guess. Its far better than people who is silent and one who know the truth but did not dare to speak up his mind. You got no balls man."

A bias thought from me. :)


  1. NadhirahZamrose said...
    hmm a bold statement...
    amiratulnadiahhasan said...
    sama lah di sini. dah takde idea.
    busy konon. heh.

    (weh,1st time aku komen kat blog kau ni!)
    ahmad akmal syahmi said...

    Busy gila kot. Tahniah2. First time.

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