Saturday, December 5, 2009


just got my toefl marks.
ckup2 mkn nye marks i guess.
or not what i aim for.

tmrrow's plan to inti till 10th.
gotta do sumthin bout uni app.
cos i know nothing bout it.
hope it will be just fine.

welcome to kltn.
a state where u can find thousands of thai food restaurant.
nyum3... =p~
new home @ umah sewa is just fine,
though its a bit small for a fmly of 8 cos i'll be going to inti and faiz to saser when the school starts.
summore, faris not here.
hopefully umah mama seap cpt.
our house if full of boxes rite now. =)
thanks to maxis FREE broadband for bape months ntah. =)
streamyx is much btter i guess, bole pkai byk computer.
umah good, smpai bt perut jadi boroi, mlas na ecrcse.
and not much things to think of i guess.
and not less than 1month i'll be going back to inti.

till then.


  1. Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    u're on your way.chaiyok!
    ana azman said...
    weet!pasni nk gi derak umh syami:)
    tofl ok a?
    nyet... said...
    oh yeah?

    umah kecik.
    toefl ckup2 mkn.

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