Monday, December 7, 2009

of uni app.

here i am, inti.
arrived here yesterday.
trimas to ang bagi menapak kt blik a4-10 kot. =)
sesungguhnye naek bus ni lama btol.
9pagi smpai 7mlm kot.
mcm2 jenis org aku jmpe.
bus2 pn da tak bnti terminal 1,
da tuka pegi terminal 2.
terpaksa ah aku travel from one terminal to other terminal.
vertikal syg pn berat, aih.
seb baek FOC. =)

okay tday.
i got a room, in block f.
and i did a bitttttt of uni app.
at least i did sumthin. =)
thanks to ida and biah.
anddddd i found out i din have the so called sijil pmr.
siyesly my school nver told me bout that.
uni of missouri columbia,
iowa state uni,
drake uni.
that three i've cnfirmed to fill up i guess.
its just that my lazinesssss that stoppin me from finishing it quickly. =)
still got 3days here.
hope evrythin will be okay.

till then.


  1. : nako : said...
    top 4: uni of warwick.
    ngee, nnt jumpe kte 1 u..hahak ;p
    SuE RaY said...
    cepat2 lar siapkan encek..

    be diligent, get it done,

    then, boley enjoy the rest of ur holz..

    all d best..
    nyet... said...
    warwick uk kot.

    sdg menyiapkn.
    si aliaa said...
    mari ke mid dan inti khamis nih.
    nyet... said...
    im going back on 10th la senbe.
    si aliaa said...
    apelah nyet nih...
    org blk klntn dia g kl,
    org blk kl dia blk klntn plak.
    nyet... said...
    senbe ah problem.

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