Sunday, December 27, 2009

wth u uni app.

uni app.
u've tortured me much these few days.
i was like mad.
doing this and that.
change this and that.
runnin here and there.
correctin things.
damn i hate this uni app.
uni app.
please be nice to me.
u're hurtin me so much i feel like:
bombin uni website for their ridiculous demand.
bombin printer for not helpin me durin these time.
bombin purdue for settin deadline that is nearin.
are other ppl having the same probs same as mine?
oh, only God knows.
grizzaly bear said that everyone's in the same boat.
bt no, i think im still in a sampan.
far slower than the rest.
i shall ride a jet ski tomorrow.
catching time that is nearin the deadline.
hoping evrything will be fine tomorrow.
and the rest to be fine too.
the end.


  1. SuE RaY said...

    im left speechless..


    i honestly thought u were done with it already..

    not to worry, think of it as a minor setback..
    doing it now means that later,
    after you finish ur final semester,
    there's no more work to do..
    no more essays to write,
    no more certificates to track down,
    no more exams to take..
    no more blardy forms to fill and validate..

    pure, free holidays for 4 months..

    amazing x??

    ps~so this is where the wth comes from eh??

    i still find it rather cute..
    si aliaa said...
    grizzly bear you said?

    lek nyet. lek.
    you can do it. :D
    Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus (affah) said...
    mu pikir mu sore?
    nok naik sampan mu skali buleh?
    nyet... said...
    i think i've just done quarter of it.
    tnggl essay and a bit of online application je tak sttle lagi i guess.

    im doing it smoothly ah ni senbe.

    ingatke aku sore.
    sampan ckup for 1 person only.
    Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    cheer up...don't forget to smileee while u workin on the essay ok...hehe ;)

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