Tuesday, December 1, 2009

turning point.

esok check out, movin to kltn.
almost 4years kot kt penang.
bole la tahan.

toefl rsult tak tau lagi.
cos i think i din do well for the test.

uni app da gerak cket.
baru je antar email dkt ms sri for FAS letter.
nnti na pegi b'kg kt inti 4, 5hari. =)

turning point.
merujuk kpd post diatas,
turning point is actually a point where i think i should change:
1)my lifestyle
2)point of view on certain things
3)my future goal
4)my ambition
5)and so on...
dulu time form 4, form 5, aku na sgt jadi acc. sbab:
datuk wahid,
datuk che khalib,
tan sri hassan marican.
all of them came from acc background and conquered big firms.
bt then after spm i was thinkin of opening my own business, having a vision to buy airasia company.
i know it sounds crazy bt thats what i aim to do.
bt, as i grow, i think i my ambitions somehow change a bit.
its not that i lose hope or somewhat, bt i started to think matured i guess. =)
i wanna open a minimarket, and if God wills it i wanna expand it and open my own retails.
i guess thats the best way of doing bsnss with less or perhaps zero corruption. =)
though the profit might be less/slow, its okay i guess, asal halal.
and expand, and expand, and expand the company for me to get enough mney to venture new bsnss.
and most important, creating jobs/opportunities to the needy.
i'm not a big fan of Mahathir, bt i kinda like most of his ideas especially helping our ppl.
our ppl here means malaysian. =)
not just malay, cos there are chinese and indians who are poor.
ntah ah, im not a religious person or a pious one.
tapi tak salah kot kalo pk na bt bsnss smbil2 b'ibadat(tlg org, bagi peluang dkt org, provide facilities).
pape pn, im hoping it will turn out to be real one day.

bye2 penang. =')


  1. Nadhirah Zamrose said...
    support u 200%
    hrp2 akn jd kenyataan.jom doa sme2 k :)
    anyway slamat berpindah,now i'm in kuantan
    anyway,to dream of buying airasia.wow...yeh tht sounds crazee tp it's ok,smue start dri small step and tht small step is dreaming an an...then usaha n bla3
    go! go! minimarket!
    spermatocyte v2.0 said...
    haish. post nie aku suke.
    bukan sbb ak fanatic ngan dr.m.
    for me..he is a very great person..
    die cakap..die wat..
    x cam ade orng cakap je lbh.
    tp hasilnye haprak..

    nanti bukak minimarket bnyk2..
    aku nak jual burger kt dpan mini market ko nanti..
    .::annemishi::. said...
    1. wah, dah pindah kelantan rupanya.
    2. turning point - tringat quadratic graph.
    3. goal ang sama cam dulu. good2.
    amy emyla said...
    wahh !! da cam mature a bit..
    go syamie go !!
    cita2 nak beli airasia tu cam bgs...ngee
    tp minimarket pon bleh..then jd shopping complex la pastu...ngeh3

    ore kelate jah ruponyo...muhahahha...da blk kelate ko?? umah bru..wah2..
    yuhanis said...
    u can become a pious person aftr moving to klntan. or perhaps aftr coming back from umrah. *big grin
    effa_dila said...
    nothing impossible..
    even the word impossible comprises of I-M-possible..SO..U CAN DO IT..will and determination along with doa n tawakal will lead u to ur dream..insyaALLAH..goodluck..
    nyet... said...
    usaha to the max.

    wlaupn ade gk ah tabole pkai die nye idea tapi most bagus2.

    yeah, da dkt kltn.
    hg pening ausmat lagi nih.

    da blek kltn.
    and yessssssssss, da lame da matured.

    cm sarcastic je.


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