Monday, December 28, 2009

2more days and im off to inti.
just finished the certification thingy.
thanks to tok ayah sbab teman aku pagi tadi.
plus to my kupu2, ana sbab teman aku ptg plak.
cos of crtain things that cant be avoided. =)
essay going to start soon i hope esp for purdue uni.
harap kemalasan akn berkurangan.
though im still thinkin of takin it or not.
cos mr B is a damn strict grader.
to tke it or to not tke it? to tke it or to not tke it? to tke it or to not tke it?
be going to inti early act cos i tot the enrollment would be on 30th.
bt it turns out that theres an early enrollment for us.
bt its okay cos i can do my uni app when i get there.

kekeringan ilmu these holidays so i din really have a thing to say.
be thinkin of what to share in the next post.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

wth u uni app.

uni app.
u've tortured me much these few days.
i was like mad.
doing this and that.
change this and that.
runnin here and there.
correctin things.
damn i hate this uni app.
uni app.
please be nice to me.
u're hurtin me so much i feel like:
bombin uni website for their ridiculous demand.
bombin printer for not helpin me durin these time.
bombin purdue for settin deadline that is nearin.
are other ppl having the same probs same as mine?
oh, only God knows.
grizzaly bear said that everyone's in the same boat.
bt no, i think im still in a sampan.
far slower than the rest.
i shall ride a jet ski tomorrow.
catching time that is nearin the deadline.
hoping evrything will be fine tomorrow.
and the rest to be fine too.
the end.

Friday, December 25, 2009


im back!
damn rindu bloggin.
flight to kl to madinah was really tirin.
cos im stuck at the seat plus im wearin shoe durin the flight which im not really used to.
arrived in madinah around 9 sumthin i guess bt there it was already dark.
almaklumla, isyak pn 7.15 as i remembered.
the we head to our hotel near masjid Nabawi.
went there with my ma and 97others.
that night ma asked me to accmpny her to masjid.
i went there around 11 kot for isyak mghrb prayers, jama'.
bt siyesly at that time i know nuthin bout raudah.
the next day baru ah aku tau psal raudah.
raudah tu org ckp tempat mustajab doa.
siyes aku suka sbab org ckp bt ibadat kt masjid nabi ni 1000 more than masjid biasa.
the next day tu baru dpt tgk mkm nabi,baqi', raudah dgn btol.
raudah hard to enter bt alhamdulillah.
my stay in madinah is from 14 to 17,
cos on 17th afternoon tu da b'tolak to mekah for umrah.
1st time pkai ihram siyes risau.
1.tkot talipinggang loggar.
2.kne jaga larangan2 .
journey to mekah to madinah pn quite long.
3-4hours la gk.
arrived in mekah terus bt umrah.
tawaf, saei, bergunting, tertib.
smpai bergunting msuk ah aku kdai gunting.
number four, number 4.
tapi yg ampeh nye pak arab tu bt no 1, bt its okay.
17-22 there, sempat la bt 5 kali cos the last day bt tawaf widak je.
tapi smpai masjidil haram for the first time ase cm tak caya.
1.cos still tak caye aku da smpai tanah haram(madinah and mekah)
2.cos dpt tgk kaabah, sentuh kaabah.
first2 tak knal lagi mane bucu rukun yamani, hajarul aswad.
pstu lama2 da okay cos bila tawaf bkn nmpk pn bnde tu.
pegi masjidil haram ni lagi seronok ase cos org ckp bt ibadat kt cni 100000 more.
for prayers, 30min before waktu lagi da kne pegi cos tkot tak dpt tmpt.
yg bestnye gk, dpt mnum air zamzam byk2, FOC plak tu.
nabi ckp air zamzam ni air yg paling bagus kt dunia.
kt mekah dgn madinah ni byk bnde yg aku bt senanye, tak ckup ruang na cite.
kebab? best aku ase tapi tak menyempat na masuk mulut.
so, i enjoyed doritos and barbican.
barbican kt cni gile murah aku ase, sr2-sr2.5 = rm1.84-rm2.3
tingat plak aku kt jason, pain, adhwa.
tapi na bt cmne, bag da full, tak dpt la aku na bwk blek.
pegi tanah haram ni la baru aku tau yg tanah haram ni org bkn Islam tabole msuk.
also went to jeddah, taif.
sume miqat gk aku pegi utk bermiqat cos travel agncy tu na suruh knal sume miqat.
going there, bertambah la gk cket ilmu sejarah Islam which i know nuthin bout that before.
back here, ase cm na pegi lagi plak tmpt tu.
plus terdetik la hati ase na buka travel agency antar org2 pegi bt umrah/haji.
bak kata org, sambil2 dpt rezeki kita beribadat/tlg org.
sekian for this post.

thanks to abg din, abg det, en saidin
yg jadi rmmate sepanjang 10days kt sana.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i've submitted the fnncial statement for all the unis that im applyin,
uni of missouri columbia
iowa state uni
temple uni
purdue uni
uni of nebraska lincoln
anddddd sent the cllge trnscrpt form already.
now its my part to do the translations and all the essays that they requested.
thanks to ms zaleha, ms sri, and ms su ching for helpin me. =)

5days in inti.
hari2 pegi upo.
hari2 palma.
3hari jog.
2hari bondi.

sbjcts for my 5th sem would probably be,
us history1.
mr borges is a tough grader bt i have no other choice i guess.

end of this post.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

third day.

its my third day here.
uni app is so tirin.
not tirin act, its just confusin.
too many uni to cnsider.
and fnally i got my 5th choices.
its temple university.
though its a bit hard for me to get there,
a)my cgpa is not strong enough
b)this one is not a reason act, its just that my pa and uncle told me that temple is famous for the ustaz2 doing their masters there.
bt i've made my dsicion and emailed ms sri already.
nows, its time to hunt for sijil2 that i havent pick from my previous school.
anddddd doing essay for certain uni.

i jog tday, for 30min je.
at least i did sum excercise kn. =)
andddddd, lately i just noticed i cant eat much.
or simple words, im din really feel hungry.
i wanna eat bt sumhow i cant push myself to eat.
or else i'll ended up hard to breathe.
damn dangerous.
i think i'll follow what the Prophet said bout eatin,
"mkn bila lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang"
*if im wrong, pls correct it.*

i like hot milo now.
started to like it. =)

end of this post.

Monday, December 7, 2009

of uni app.

here i am, inti.
arrived here yesterday.
trimas to ang bagi menapak kt blik a4-10 kot. =)
sesungguhnye naek bus ni lama btol.
9pagi smpai 7mlm kot.
mcm2 jenis org aku jmpe.
bus2 pn da tak bnti terminal 1,
da tuka pegi terminal 2.
terpaksa ah aku travel from one terminal to other terminal.
vertikal syg pn berat, aih.
seb baek FOC. =)

okay tday.
i got a room, in block f.
and i did a bitttttt of uni app.
at least i did sumthin. =)
thanks to ida and biah.
anddddd i found out i din have the so called sijil pmr.
siyesly my school nver told me bout that.
uni of missouri columbia,
iowa state uni,
drake uni.
that three i've cnfirmed to fill up i guess.
its just that my lazinesssss that stoppin me from finishing it quickly. =)
still got 3days here.
hope evrythin will be okay.

till then.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


just got my toefl marks.
ckup2 mkn nye marks i guess.
or not what i aim for.

tmrrow's plan to inti till 10th.
gotta do sumthin bout uni app.
cos i know nothing bout it.
hope it will be just fine.

welcome to kltn.
a state where u can find thousands of thai food restaurant.
nyum3... =p~
new home @ umah sewa is just fine,
though its a bit small for a fmly of 8 cos i'll be going to inti and faiz to saser when the school starts.
summore, faris not here.
hopefully umah mama seap cpt.
our house if full of boxes rite now. =)
thanks to maxis FREE broadband for bape months ntah. =)
streamyx is much btter i guess, bole pkai byk computer.
umah good, smpai bt perut jadi boroi, mlas na ecrcse.
and not much things to think of i guess.
and not less than 1month i'll be going back to inti.

till then.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

turning point.

esok check out, movin to kltn.
almost 4years kot kt penang.
bole la tahan.

toefl rsult tak tau lagi.
cos i think i din do well for the test.

uni app da gerak cket.
baru je antar email dkt ms sri for FAS letter.
nnti na pegi b'kg kt inti 4, 5hari. =)

turning point.
merujuk kpd post diatas,
turning point is actually a point where i think i should change:
1)my lifestyle
2)point of view on certain things
3)my future goal
4)my ambition
5)and so on...
dulu time form 4, form 5, aku na sgt jadi acc. sbab:
datuk wahid,
datuk che khalib,
tan sri hassan marican.
all of them came from acc background and conquered big firms.
bt then after spm i was thinkin of opening my own business, having a vision to buy airasia company.
i know it sounds crazy bt thats what i aim to do.
bt, as i grow, i think i my ambitions somehow change a bit.
its not that i lose hope or somewhat, bt i started to think matured i guess. =)
i wanna open a minimarket, and if God wills it i wanna expand it and open my own retails.
i guess thats the best way of doing bsnss with less or perhaps zero corruption. =)
though the profit might be less/slow, its okay i guess, asal halal.
and expand, and expand, and expand the company for me to get enough mney to venture new bsnss.
and most important, creating jobs/opportunities to the needy.
i'm not a big fan of Mahathir, bt i kinda like most of his ideas especially helping our ppl.
our ppl here means malaysian. =)
not just malay, cos there are chinese and indians who are poor.
ntah ah, im not a religious person or a pious one.
tapi tak salah kot kalo pk na bt bsnss smbil2 b'ibadat(tlg org, bagi peluang dkt org, provide facilities).
pape pn, im hoping it will turn out to be real one day.

bye2 penang. =')


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